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Disclaimer: this is not an investment site.  Do not make any investment, financial, job, career, travel, or relationship decisions based on what you read here or think you may have read here. 

No one should be reading this for investment advice. "Following the money" helps me better understand the oil sector and the Bakken. Example: if a company quits paying or reduces its dividend, that speaks volumes. On the other hand, when a company raises or initiates a dividend it speaks volumes, at least for me, about the health of the company. Some of the companies have nothing to do with oil or the Bakken, but they "relate" to headline stories in other areas, headline stories that interest me. But again, none of this is to be construed as investment advice.

Note: There is still time to make an end of year gift! The CARES Act allows for those who don't normally itemize their tax return to deduct up to $300 in charitable gifts made before December 31, 2020. If you itemize, a new provision allows you to deduct up to 100% of your Adjusted Gross Income for 2020 with gifts of cash.  [If you have a foundation that pays you a salary, for example, for speaking engagements, it seems this would be the best time to donate 100% of our adjusted gross income to your foundation, but there may be exceptions to this provision in the CARES Act. Check with your financial advisor.]

Note: CARES Act 2020: check out the "act" for yourself or with your financial advisor, but it appears that ALL RMDs are waived for 2020. One link here


Basis points: it now makes sense.



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2020 - 2030: decade for investors: link here

2021: fossil fuel investors will do very, very  well in 2021.

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US Ports. Link here.

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Rail: link here.  

General discussion: link here

Batteries: link here. Scorecard, EVs.

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EVs: link here. Scorecard.

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Class 8 trucking: link here.

The autos: link here. Scorecard, EVs.

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The "word on The Street": this is going to be an incredible bull run for the next five years, 2021 - 2026.


Santa Claus Rally, 2020: link here.

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Note: I visit this page the least of any page on the blog. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of anything on this page simply because I check in on it so very little. I leave it up in case folks are visiting, but I don't have a lot of interest in this page. 

Again, this is not an investment site. I include investment information because activity in the Bakken goes hand-in-glove (or hand-in-hand) with investment in the Bakken.

See disclaimer.

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      Stocks That Intrigue Me But I Don't Hold or Hold Intermittently (A Few I Am Now Accumulating -- such as CLR)
      Stocks to check in on periodically (I don't hold these as long term investments but reliable sources -- private and public -- mention them periodically). These are ones I like, may trade, hold short term for dividends, or hold short term for special situations. I do not like speculative plays, and I seldom buy shares in a company that does not pay dividends.
      • Bakken: WLL, WHX, MDU, (I hold CLR, NOG; I sold all MDU in 2009/2010 after accumulating for years)
      • Other Bakken: NFX, KOG  (finally broke down and bought a few shares in January, 2011) 
      • Railroad: TRN, RAIL, (my best buy ever -- BNI -- was bought by Buffett)
      • Pipelines: KMP, TRP
      • Dividends: ENP, EPD (currently hold), CODI, NLY (sold in 2010), EEP (currently hold); ERF (have traded in and out in the past; currently hold, January, 2011); PGH; WHX (now holding; will sell in 2011, most likely; MLPs
      • Telecommunications: CTL, WIN, (have traded both of these; in and out for the dividends)
      • Banks: BAC, WFC, JPM, GS, C, (I doubt I would ever consider, but maybe special circumstances; they all have huge cash reserves)
      • Special situation: STR, QEP (spin-off); MUR (selling all refineries; UK retail)
      • Recent IPOs: OAS; CHKM
      • More speculative: GEOI (first bought shares in January, 2011; bought by Halcon in 2012); TPLM (first bought shares in January, 2011); SSN (have never held)
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