Sunday, June 9, 2019

Road To California -- June 9, 2019

From The Wall Street Journal:
PG&E Corp. turned off power to about 22,000 customers in Northern California this weekend as part of the first wave of what the utility has said will likely be numerous pre-emptive shutdowns this year to help prevent deadly wildfires.

It came after the National Weather Service issued its first red-flag warning, which signals high fire danger, of 2019 for a region that has until now been mostly cool and moist.

About 1,600 businesses and homes in parts of Napa, Yolo and Solano counties, located about 75 miles northeast of San Francisco lost power from 6 a.m. Saturday morning until late that night.

#19288 -- Huge Jump In Production -- June 9, 2019

See this link.

Update On "Job-Killing, Oil-Industry-Killing California Bill

AB 345. Update
This bill never advanced beyond legislative fiscal committees. It was held up in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The bill could be considered again next year. 
AB 345 (Muratsuchi; D-Torrance) Oil and Gas Development Ban: Would eliminate thousands of high-paying California jobs and require California to import even more foreign oil by banning new oil and gas development, re-drilling operations, and rework operations by imposing a state minimum 2,500-foot setback requirement from certain structures, and further authorizing local governments to enact even greater setback requirements, without limitation.
My hunch: the bill is too extreme even for California. It sounds like the bill that Colorado recently passed in a statewide vote. With gasoline costing $4.50/gallon in California as it is, this would never be passed as a proposition voted on by all state voters. 

The MRO Brigner Well Is Back On Line -- June 9, 2019

The well:
  • 24973, 2,437, MRO, Brigner 24-24H, 33-025-02064 Bailey, t7/13; cum 234K4/19; was off line for seven months; now shown as active again, and produced for five days in 4/19;
    • nothing at FracFocus
    • nothing in the index of "wells of interest"
    • nothing in the file report
    • this neighboring well, #16975, has been off-line since 10/18 and is still listed as "active" (A
    • this neighboring well, #18694, is a mediocre well at best, needs to be re-fracked, and has not been taken off line; remains on line
Recent production:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

BR Glacier Well In Clear Creek Off-Line -- June 9, 2019

Not sure why this well is off-line. Other Glacier wells have been off-line for a few days in 4/19, but I can't see any specific activity.

The well:
  • 24258, 2,966, BR, Glacier 14-9TFH, Clear Creek, t12/13; cum 293K 4/19; off line as of 2/19; still off line as of 4/19; 
Recent production:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Hess EN-Sorenson Wells Are Fracked -- June 9, 2019

It looks like the Hess EN-Sorenson wells in Alkali Creek have been fracked.
  • 35184  33-061-04249, fracked 3/21/19 - 4/9/19; 7.271 million gallons of water; 85% water;
  • 35185, 33-061-04250, fracked 3/21/19 - 4/9/19; 7 million gallons of water; 84% water;
  • 35186, 33-061-04251, fracked 3/21/19 - 4/9/19;  7.341 million gallons of water; 78% water; and if I'm reading the data correctly, 15% of proppant was salt water (I may be reading that incorrectly)
At least one neighboring EN-Sorenson well went off line as of 3/19: 
  • 25028, 1,061, Hess, EN-Sorenson A 154-94-0211H-6, Alkali Creek, t11/13; cum 239K 4/19; off line 3/19; still off line 4/19;

Gulf Of Mexico

Poised to set new production records.

With earlier than planned production, Appomattox will be a key growth contributor to help push US Gulf of Mexico oil production toward a new record high before year-end,” says Joachim Milling Gregersen, Analyst on Rystad Energy’s Upstream team.

In 2013, GoM oil production was a mere 1.28 million bpd, whereas in 2018 production averaged a record high of 1.79 million bpd. Rystad Energy forecasts that 2019 production will average 1.95 million bpd, with some months potentially touching the 2 million bpd ceiling.

Appomattox: see more here.

Vicksburg: see more here.

Shale: One Of The Big Stories, 2019

At this link, at the sidebar at the right: "the big stories."


Will New Mexico become the #2 producing state in the union?

Gasoline As Cheap As $1.97 In Texas -- June 9, 2019

Gasoline was as low as $2.15/gallon last night on my drive out to Texas Motor Speedway. GasBuddy has sites as low as $2.09 in Fort Worth, Texas. In the state of Texas, GasBuddy has gasoline going for as little as $1.97/gallon. Traveling cross-country, it seems that Oklahoma always has the least expensive gasoline. Today, GasBuddy, for Oklahoma, best prices: $2.08/gallon.

A Note For The Granddaughters

My maternal grandparents were second generation Americans. Their parents immigrated to America from Germany. My mother's family settled and lived their entire lives in Iowa. It was a tough life, farming and then later, a good job with the local packing plant in/near Storm Lake, Iowa.

But however tough their life was, I doubt it could compare to the challenges of my paternal grandparents, first generation Americans, having emigrated from Norway when they were in their late teens/early twenties.

They raised sheep in the very dry and the very, very cold northwestern corner of South Dakota. Their first house was sod/tar paper/dirt floor. They eventually lived in a wood frame house with a real roof. They lived in that house, raised five children, two of whom went to college, and raised sheep to the very end. I was five when my paternal grandmother died. I barely remember. I was fortunate enough to travel with my dad and my grandfather back to Norway when I was in eighth grade.

Often I wish I had the opportunity to thank my paternal grandfather for all he did for us. I think he would be quite impressed how far his family has come.

I was thinking about that again today after "face-timing" with our two granddaughters who are sailing in the Aegean Sea with their dad for seven days.

By the time they return to Texas, they will have spent three days in Rome; three days in Athens; a week sailing on the open sea, sleeping at night in the boat; a short week in Paris where they will see the US women's soccer team play in the World Cup; and then a long week in London.

Arianna will be a junior next year. I am convinced that she is already planning a similar sailing trip with three or four friends some time during college. Olivia, who will be in eighth grade next year, went to Europe one year earlier (age-wise) than I did. My trip with my father and grandfather to Norway, East Germany, Berlin (west and east), and Paris, changed my life forever.

I think my grandfather would be quite amazed.

Two photos taken today from "FaceTime":

 Eighth grader, Olivia.

So Far Away (From Me), Dire Straits

Appalachian Storage Hub Has Been Added As A Link -- June 9, 2019

Appalachian Storage Hub (ASH) has been added as a link to the sidebar at the right.

A google search will reveal that the next ASH conference is scheduled for early June, 2019.

Pretty Much Tells Me All I Need To Know About Renewable Energy -- June 9, 2019

In addition to this headline ...

.... is reporting that Russia and the Saudis are discussing "tens of billions of dollars in new investment" and you know they aren't talking about solar and wind energy.

One of "the big stories."

"Our" High School Takes Texas State Championship In Baseball -- June 9, 2109

Link here.

The Texas high school baseball championship won on "runs-rule." If, at five innings, one team has scored ten more runs than the other, the game is over. The game is over at 4.5 innings if the higher-scoring team is the home team (batting at the bottom of the inning).

The high school that took the high school championship, highest division: ours! The one that is immediately adjacent to our apartment. The school and our apartment complex share a fence.

Some data points from that story linked above:
  • first state title for this baseball team
  • won on the "runs-rule": 
  • this team ("our school") was ranked #2 in the state and #3 in the nation
  • this team had three players taken in this year's MLB First-Year Player Draft, including second overall pick Bobby Witt, Jr
  • Bobby Witt, Jr: Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year
  • the team had seven players sign letters of intent to NCAA Division 1 programs 
  • the team was 39 - 3 this season
  • this was the school's second team title, joining the 1999 girl's soccer team
  • the final game: 18 hits by the winning team -- a 5A state tournament record for one game
  • Texas high schools: five "A" division: 1A through 5A; 5A being the largest schools
  • MVP: 2 for 2 with three RBIs and three runs scored
  • MVP: hit a deep liner over the left-fielder for a three-run double that gave Heritage a 3-2 lead in the second inning 
  • the losing team, Georgetown (41-5-1) was also state runner-up in 2015
  • Georgetown is 30 miles from Austin; Southwestern University is located in Georgetown 
More at this post.

Indy Racing Under The Lights

My first time at a professional race. Texas Motor Speedway. Awesome experience. Indy racing -- open wheel racing. Top speeds of 225 mph. Almost impossible to catch the number of the car as they sped by. Like all stadiums with this type of seating, the "spaces" are way to close. Suggestion: when purchasing tickets, purchase one or two extra "children" tickets. "Children" tickets are incredibly inexpensive and add significantly more space to your seating.

The Modern Art Page

Groucho Marx.

Twitter Photos: State Baseball Championship 

Initial Production Data For Wells Coming Off The Confidential List This Next Week -- June 11, 2019

These are only the wells that are showing production, of those wells coming off the confidential list this next week. Full list here.

34242, conf, Oasis, Nelson 5298 42--23 6B, Banks,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34241, conf, Oasis, Nelson 5298 42-23 6B, Banks,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34224, conf, Oasis, Nelson 5298 11-14 4T, Banks,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

32897, conf, CLR, Colter 14-14H, Bear Creek,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

32894, conf, CLR, Colter 11-14H2, Bear Creek,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

32892, conf, CLR, Colter 9-14H, Bear Creek,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold
34690, conf, CLR, Springfield 6-8H1, Brooklyn,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34691, conf, CLR, Springfield 5-8H1, Brooklyn,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34225, conf, Oasis, Nelson 5298 11-14 3B, Banks,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

35005, conf, Whiting, Larson 44-12-4H, Corinth,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold
34980, conf, Whiting, Schilke 24-21-1H, Big Stone,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34692, conf,  CLR, Springfield 4-8H, Brooklyn,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold
34089, conf, Oasis, Aagvik 5298 13-26 11B, Banks,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34695, conf, CLR, Rolf 6-17H1, Brooklyn,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34696, conf, CLR, Rolf 5-17H1, Brooklyn,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34693, conf, CLR, Springfield 3-8H1, Brooklyn,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34088, conf, Oasis, Aagvik 5298 13-26 10T, Banks,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34805, conf, Nine Point Energy, Erickson 155-102-26-25-8H, Squires,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

34694, conf, CLR, Springfield 2-8HSL, Brooklyn,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

32206, conf, BR, CCU Pacific Express 32-19MBH, Corral Creek,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Wells Coming Off The Confidential List This Next Week -- June 9, 2019

Monday June 17, 2019: 60 for the month; 249 for the quarter;
34657, conf, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-3B-10-3H,

Sunday, June 16, 2019: 59 for the month; 248 for the quarter;
34867, conf,  Hess, BB-Eide-151-95-3328H-13,
34604, conf, Slawson Wolverine Federal 10-31-30TF2H, 
34242, conf, Oasis, Nelson 5298 42--23 6B, 
34241, conf, Oasis, Nelson 5298 42-23 6B, 
34224, conf, Oasis, Nelson 5298 11-14 4T
32897, conf, CLR, Colter 14-14H, 
32894, conf, CLR, Colter 11-14H2,
32892, conf, CLR, Colter 9-14H,
27436, conf, Petro-Hunt, State 154-94-31C-32-1HS, 

Saturday, June 15, 2019: 50 for the month; 239 for the quarter;
34690, conf, CLR, Springfield 6-8H1
34656, conf, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-3B-10-3H, 
35789, conf, XTO, Bullberry Federal 24X-2DR, 
34937, conf, XTO, Darlean 41X-2G2, 
34866, conf, Hess, BB-Eide-151-95-3328H-12,

 Friday, June 14, 2019: 45 for the month; 234 for the quarter;
34936, conf, XTO, Darlean 41X-2C, 
34865, conf, Hess, BB-Eide-151-95-3328-H-11,
34691, conf, CLR, Springfield 5-8H1
34603, conf, Slawson, Wolverine Federal 11-31-20TF2H

Thursday, June 13, 2019: 41 for the month; 230 for the quarter;
34935, conf, XTO, Darlean 41X-2H,
34864, conf, Hess, BB-Eide-151-95-3328H-10,
34863, conf, Hess, BB-Eide-151-95-3328H-9, 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019: 38 for the month; 227 for the quarter;
34655, conf, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-3B-10-1H, 
34225, conf, Oasis, Nelson 5298 11-14 3B, 
35149, conf, Hess, BB-Eide-151-95-3328H-8, 
35005, conf, Whiting, Larson 44-12-4H, 
34980, conf, Whiting, Schilke 24-21-1H, 
34934, conf, XTO, Darlean 41X-2D, 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019: 32 for the month; 221 for the quarter;
34692, conf,  CLR, Springfield 4-8H,
34089, conf, Oasis, Aagvik 5298 13-26 11B,

Monday, June 10, 2019: 30 for the month; 219 for the quarter;
34695, conf, CLR, Rolf 6-17H1
32208, conf, BR, CCU Atlantic Express 32-19MBH, 

Sunday, June 9, 2019: 28 for the month; 217 for the quarter;
34696, conf, CLR, Rolf 5-17H1
34693, conf, CLR, Springfield 3-8H1
34088, conf, Oasis, Aagvik 5298 13-26 10T
30031, conf, Hess, BB-Federal-151-95-0817H-2,

Saturday, June 8, 2019: 24 for the month; 213 for the quarter;
34805, conf, Nine Point Energy, Erickson 155-102-26-25-8H,
34694, conf, CLR, Springfield 2-8HSL, 
32207, conf, BR, CCU Atlantic Express 32-19TFH
32206, conf, BR, CCU Pacific Express 32-19MBH, 
30030, conf, Hess, BB-Federal-151-95-0817H-3,