Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Name, Operator in the Bakken?

Link here to announcement by Amadeus, a PDF file. Link provided by "anon 1."
  • 32,625 net acres in the Bakken, operator: Lonestar; no operated wells. 
Also, short note in yesterday's WSJ.
Texas-based private oil and gas producer Lonestar Resources may have bowed out to Aurora Oil & Gas in the pursuit for shale oil player Eureka Energy earlier this year, but a deal with Amadeus Energy announced Monday means it will secure an Australian Securities Exchange listing.
I will track it as Lonestar for now.  NDIC does list a "Lone Star Producing Company" ("well search"") but not sure if same company, and the three wells were drilled back in the early 1970's and were all dry.

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