Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Williston Covered by a Ball of Dust -- Dickinson -- Stark County Development Corporation Executive Vice President


January 3, 2013: plain old saltwater may be best alternative to cutting down road dust. Link at The Bismarck Tribune. Magnesium chloride; now, looking at well brine water. Salt water will cost $5,000/one mile of application. Three applications close in time "stop" dust for about one year. 

December 22, 2011: Dickinson again says "no."  To everything.

December 2, 2011: Looks like Dickinson will see a bit of dust next summer -- plans afoot to build a 5-lane highway north of Dickinson.

November 29, 2011: reminder -- Dickinson will consider widening the 2-lane highway north of town to a 5-lane highway; public meeting December 1, 2011. I am watching this one closely. 

November 21, 2011: I was taken to task by several folks after I wrote another disparaging post about Dickinson's perceived anti-growth stance. Dickinson gained that reputation after the comments made about Williston by Stark County Development Executive Vice President (see below) and Dickinson's subsequent denial of a well-thought-out/professionally run man-camp. Because I was taken to task, I said that I would refrain from further negative comments about Dickinson. However, I will continue to follow Dickinson's pro-growth/anti-growth stories and will post them here. Readers can make up their own minds. Fair and balanced.
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“If you have approached Williston or Watford City lately in the daytime, there is a ball of dust that just rests over their communities,” Stark Development Corporation Executive Vice President Gaylon Baker said. “We don’t want to see that happen here.”
I've been in Williston for several weeks, and drove to Dickinson and back last night, and there was no "ball of dust resting" over either Williston or Watford City. Yes, there is a lot of dust in the countryside, and it is miserable for the farmers, but if your city has asphalt roads, you don't have (much) dust. But maybe some cities don't have asphalt or cement roads.

The drive from Williston to Dickinson is 130 miles, exactly.

The drive from Watford City to Dickinson is 85 miles. And not much in between except incredibly beautiful countryside.

But there are some interesting opportunities for Target.

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