Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Next Big Thing

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Fertilizer, Due to incredibly high energy prices in Europe and Russia, it looks like fertilizer production will be significantly reduced next planting season; offers a huge opportunity for domestic (US) production.  December 8, 2021.
Cryptocurrency: see this post.

Personal QR codes: see this post.

Car insurance: will be offered by automobile manufacturers. If this happens it spells huge problems for the likes of USAA, Progressive, etc. Link here. January 31, 2021.  

Car buying: buyers will determine modifications / specs for their cars on line; hold the purchase for a thousand-dollar depost; and, get a "personal one-of-a-kind" autonomous vehicle six months later. December 8, 2021.


Lowering the driving age: if elected officials and policy makers were serious about accelerating EV penetration they would lower the age for driver's licenses. 

When I was growing up in North Dakota, individuals as young as fourteen years of age could get their driver's license if they lived "on the farm" and needed a driver's license to drive into town for whatever reason (generally school). Fourteen years old: high school. To get a driver's license at age fourteen, it would mean that folks as young as thirteen would have their permit to learn. Certainly autonomous driving cars are much safer than thirteen-year-old kids driving conventional pickup trucks. Another example of elected officials and policy makers unable to think outside the box, and speaks volumes about their commitment to EVs. Posted September 21, 2020.

AWS: despite all the reports to the contrary, the tea leaves suggest Amazon will spin off AWS. September 20, 2020.  [Very, very, very wrong on this. -- July 20, 2021.]

US markets: trading 24/7. Could be done by independent brokers using their own holdings and those of their clients. Posted August 22, 2020. Robinhood, Schwab, others already sell equities "by the slice." That is not the NYSE selling.

Amazon Logistics, link here.

Bucc-ees: link here.

Tectonic shift in way Americans shop, work, learn.

Wuhan Flu -- tracked here.


Saudi Arabia

Iraq: in a fight for its very survival. 

Western Europe


  • first company to reach $1.5 trillion market cap; Microsoft also at $1.5 trillion market cap (August, 2020 -- AAPL on its way to $2 trillion; already at $1.97 trillion)
    • on its radar scope: streaming services company; content company; 
    • on its radar scope: new search engine; break ties with Google
    • on its radar scope: huge wearable medical device company 
    • announced: will make its own chips
    • announced: may make its own graphics card

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