Saturday, January 19, 2019

XTO's Little Pete Federal Wells In Bear Creek


February 17, 2019: updates.

XTO's Little Pete Federal Wells

The wells went off line 7/18 but one has come back on line:
  • 32218, 888, XTO, Little Pete Federal 41X-3D, Bear Creek, t7/17; cum 341K 10/20; off line as of 7/18; on-line; stimulated 4/21/17 with 10.9 million lbs of proppant, 60 stages; according to FracFocus, fracked this one time only; 4/7/17 - 4/21/17; 9.2 million gallons of water; 86.7% water by mass; see this note;
  • 32220, 1,080, XTO, Little Pete Federal 41X-3DXA, Bear Creek, t7/17; cum 328K 10/20; off line as of 7/18; on line; another spectacular well with jump in production;
  • 32217, 812, XTO, Little Pete Federal 41X-3G2, Bear Creek, t7/17; cum 349K 10/20; was taken off line 7/18, but is now back on line as of 10/18; another incredible well;
  • 32219, 816, XTO, Little Pete Federal 41X-3H, Bear Creek, t7/17; cum 347K 10/20; off line as of 7/18; another incredible well;
  • 32221, 962, XTO, Little Pete Federal 41X-3HXE2, Bear Creek, t7/17; cum 285K 10/20; off line as of 7/18; see this post; on line;
The graphic:

Older wells in that drilling unit:
  • 14696, AB/820, XTO, Bear Creek Unit 3-1, Bear Creek, Duperow, t3/98; cum 338K 6/16;
  • 17880, AB/1,206, XTO, Werre Trust 21-3H, Bear Creek, t10/09; cum 177K 4/16; off line as of 4/16;

January 19, 2019 -- Nothing About The Bakken -- Shelosi Throw Dreamers Under The Bus


January 20, 2019: even if mainstream media is trying to ignore it, President Trump "dangles full amnesty" and Shelosi won't negotiate. Shelosi throwing the Dreamers under the bus and literally missing the opportunity to do something as big as LBJ's civil rights bill.

Original Post 

Perhaps it's just me, but sitting her watching the coverage of Winter Storm Harper on the Weather Channel certainly suggests ice age now is going to have a much bigger impact on the US than AGW. Just saying.

CODEL: ship of fools. 

Dreamers: Shelosi throw Dreamers under the bus. Trump endorses Obama's memo. Dreamers would get what they have always wanted. Shelosi: the proposal is DOA. The partial government shutdown will continue. Trump willing to negotiate. Shelosi dug in. Let's see whom the Dreamers support. TSA? My hunch is that the airlines will start taking control of the situation if TSA employees continue calling in sick.

Yes! Do it! Starbucks ex-CEO considers presidential run as independent.

Another adult in the room:

Correction? What correction? From Chesto over at The Boston Globe:
More news about potential progress in US-China trade talks stocks sent stocks higher today. The Dow rose 336.25 points, or 1.4 percent. The S&P 500 climbed 1.3 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite advanced 1 percent. For the Dow and S&P 500, it was the fourth straight week of gains and marked the best start to a year since 1987.
Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment, financial, job, travel, or relationship decisions based on anything you read here or think you may have read here. 

Why I Love To Blog -- Reason #56 -- January 19, 2019

Just after posting this at top stories for the week:  
The story that simply disappeared: the Mexican fuel shortage
This was an AP headline story:
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says the attorney general’s office will investigate an illegal pipeline tap in central Mexico that killed 66 and wounded dozens of others.
At an early morning press conference he said that the office will open an investigation to determine whether the explosion was intentional — caused by an individual or group — or whether the fireball occurred due to the inherent risk of clandestine fuel extraction from ducts.
Lopez Obrador called on townspeople to give testimony not only about Friday’s events in Hidalgo, but about the entire black market chain, including who punctures the pipelines, who informs locals about collecting fuel in containers, and how fuel is then put to personal use or sold.
Something tells me this is not going to end well. 

China -- Again -- January 19, 2019

Back on February 5, 2018, I posted a map of China with an overlay of US cities as a tool to help me remember the geography of China. It has been a big help.

Earlier this week I saw this story/by-line and immediately knew where Dongguan (various spellings).

The map from February 5, 2018:

Well Said -- Worth Repeating, T+17 -- January 19, 2019

Week 3: January 13, 2019 -- January 19, 2019

Top story: There was only one non-energy story last week that captured the media; the wall

Top energy story: Without question, the top story of the week had to do with the surge in the price of WTI and the stories behind that story.
The story that simply disappeared: the Mexican fuel shortage; update here;

Surprise: Norway: 2019 oil production will drop to a 30-year low 

Geoff Simon's top ND energy stories:
  • tribal oil tax revision proposed (posted earlier on the blog)
  • ND production down slightly in November 
  • Williston, seat of the wealthiest county in the state, median income of $100,000, defeats a school bond issue -- speaks volumes (unfortunately)
  • legislators consider a ferry across Lake Sakakawea
November, 2018, production data
Tier 3? The Halliday wells
Bruin reports a huge well -- one of many -- in Antelope-Sanish
Bruin reports three huge wells in the Bakken 

Bakken 2.5 
Mid-week: five new permits; sixteen permits renewed; eleven DUCs completed
Eight wells come off the confidential list on one day
Jump in production for an EOG Clarks Creek well
Jump in production for an Equinor/Statoil well in Banks oil field
A huge QEP Tipi V well

North Dakota loess as a potential microproppant

Bakken economy
McKenzie County update 
Boot Barn coming to Williston

Other formations
Resonance reports a Madison well NNE of Minot

NDIC presentations to the ND legislature

Art Berman: The Big Sleep 
US crude oil production could jump to 14 million bopd in 2020  
US crude oil production will average 12 million bopd in 2019
Bruin hitting on all cylinders

Bakken Economy Update, Watford City And McKenzie County -- January, 2019

January economic update for Watford City and McKenzie County:
There’s only one word to describe the economic growth happening in McKenzie County. Stunning. The January 2019 “Economy at a Glance” from the McKenzie County Economic Development office highlights the updated statistics: 

Taxable Sales and Purchases in McKenzie County jumped 51 percent from the third quarter 2017 to the same period in 2018 climbing from $57.7 million to $87.3 million.

Building permits in Watford City tripled from the nine reported in Dec. 2017 to 26 reported in Dec. 2018. 

City Sales Tax in Watford City increased over 50 percent from $3.0 million (YTD 2017) to $4.6 million (YTD 2018) while restaurant and lodging tax jumped by one-third.  

The apartment occupancy rate in Watford City – Brookledge now stands at 95 percent, the same as in Dec. 2018 but up from 64 percent and 27 percent in Jan. 2017 and Jan. 2016, respectively. 

“Looking back at data over the past year helps confirm statistically what we have been experiencing here; an increase in activity," said Daniel Stenberg, McKenzie County Economic Development Coordinator. "Our stores, roadways, and schools have all been operating at a brisk pace. We look forward to what this next year brings in terms of the new opportunities that this activity brings."

All Politics -- Nothing About The Bakken -- Does This Man Ever Sleep? -- January 19, 2019, T+19

I keep hearing how disorganized the Trump White House is. Whatever.

I think President Trump may be the first president to visit Dover to honor four Americans coming back from the war on terror in the Mideast. He posted that note about two hours ago, which would have been 4:48 a.m. ET.

Meanwhile, he says he will make a "huge" announcement today, on Saturday. Completely disrupts the Shelosi news cycle.

The president has been tweeting almost non-stop for several hours now, but most of them have been re-tweets including a huge tweet of support from Geraldo Rivera.

Global Warming To Hit New England -- Winter Storm Harper -- January 19, 2019

This is absolutely huge.

From Portland, Maine, pressherald:


The Weather Channel has named this Winter Storm Harper.

ISO New England: no problems this morning. Around $50/MW; 4% coal.

The Big Sleep / It's A Wonderful Life -- January 19, 2019

Art and I are watching two different movies.

Note: the EIA is very conservative in its projections/forecasts. Keep that in mind as one reads the post.

Art Berman is taking a victory lap: suggesting that shale is not living up to the hype. He misread the WSJ  article.

Meanwhile, headlines in the past couple of days:
  • the US will produce an average of 12. 1 million bopd by 2020 -- EiA, about three days ago
  • that forecast was increased to 14 million bopd by 2020 -- in the last day or so
  • most of the increase will be due to the Permian
  • the US will easily produce more oil (14 million bopd) -- even though production will be constrained -- than Saudi Arabia is even able to produce
Art and I watching two different movies. His is a dark comedy, perhaps pulp fiction or film noir; mine is a feel-good romance. His movie could be called The Big Sleep. Mine, It's a Wonderful Life.