Saturday, August 28, 2021

A CLR Angus Federal Well Goes Over 500K Bbls Crude Oil Cumulative -- August 28, 2021

The well:

  • 23494, 360, CLR, Angus Federal 5-9H, Elm Tree, t6/13; cum 489K 11/20; off line 11/19; back on line 1/20; off line 4/20 - 5/20; off line, again, 12/20; remains off line, 3/21; back on line 4/21; cum 504K 6/21;

From Friday's Daily Activity Report -- Twenty-Four Active Rigs; Two DUCs Reported As Completed; Two New Permits -- August 28, 2021

Active rigs:

Active Rigs24*11626155

*Active rigs: from daily activity report --  24 active oil and gas rigs; one SWD rigs:

  • CLR with nine active rigs

Two new permits, #38521 - #28522, incluisve:

  • Operators: Whiting; Hunt Oil
  • Fields: Sanish (Mountrail County); Werner (Dunn County)
  • Comments:
    • Whiting has a permit for another Kannianen well to be sited in Lot 4 section 5-153-91;
    • Hunt Oil has a permit for another Halliday well to be sited in SWSE 13-146-93;

Two producing wells (DUCs) reported as completed:

Change of operator: approximately 485 wells were transferred from Equinor to Grayson Mill.

Reason #3 Why I Love To Blog -- August 28, 2021

See this post, from August 19, 2021, for background. 

This is so cool!

From that linked site, the largest craft brewery:

  • oldest operating brewing company in America
  • Biden's backyard: PA, DE
  • established in 1829
  • largest craft brewery
  • sixth/seventh largest overall brewery
  • HQ: Pottsville, PA

At the time I posted that, I had never heard of Yuengling. Seriously. At least as far I can remember, I had not heard of Yuengling. Which apparently makes sense: it was only available east of the Mississippi (?).

This morning, when I went to Target to buy orange juice for breakfast, I saw a Yuengling promotion at the store. I did a double-take. I had not recalled ever seeing Yuengling at Target, or anywhere else in this part of Texas. At least as far as I could recall. Having said that, I've never really paid attention. Maybe it's been available in Texas before and I had just not noticed.


Then this, tonight over at social media, link here.

I was curious. Let's google this. And there it is: Yuengling announces, August 23, 2021, just six days ago, that their craft beer will be officially available in Texas as of that date, August 23, 2021. 

My go-to beers: IPA, specifically Lagunitas.

My favorite beer if I find it in a bottle: Bitburg Pils.

For special occasions: Guinness stout.

Time to try a lager. Yuengling. 

Blogging Will Be Delayed A Bit -- Relaxing On A Beautiful Saturday Morning -- August 28, 2021

Blogging delayed a bit. Relaxed by the pool earlier, reading the two books recently mentioned. 

NASCAR today: this evening, around 6:00; Daytona. I haven't looked at the weather report, but coming just before Hurricane Ida hits landfall .... weather: "thunderstorm in spots late" -- we'll see ... Later: no weather problems. A good race. Blaney wins; Bubba Wallace comes in second.

RMDs: we'll get back to this story later today -- it's chock full of inanity. The premise of the article: retirees are taking too little out of their retirement funds, leaving large amounts of money behind when they die. [Update: see this link.]

North Dakota, another top ten (FWIW): North Dakota is now in the top-10 list for renewable energy creation. Link here.  Top ten? How about #2 in electricity generated by wind and solar sources?

North Dakota’s electricity consumption primarily comes from Coal and Natural Gas, but over the past decade, many wind farms have begun to popup throughout the state.

Tioga, one of the top oil producing areas of the state, has become a hub for creating wind energy through two facilities: The Lindahl and Aurora farms.

“North Dakota itself is a powerhouse in energy and the types of sources we create. Renewables help us be more diverse in that energy, which in turns keeps the cost at a certain level where it’s more affordable across the board for everyone,” said John Cribbs Assistant Site Supervisor for the Lindahl Wind Farm

According to a report by The American Clean Power Association, North Dakota was 2nd in the nation in electricity generated by wind and solar sources in 2010 at about 10%.