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June 7, 2018: comment from reader about Zavanna's apparent lack of activity in the Bakken.

March 9, 2016: most production data updated below

December 10, 2015: a reader writes me --
I notice that my main oil producer (Zavanna) is mentioned in connection with the new concept of “gas credits” to encourage no flaring. Zavanna has converted most of their wells to gas pressure “pumping” only, thus re-pressurizing waste gas (after extracting the pipeline quality methane) and pumping it back into the well to maintain oil production by pressure only; ergo, no more mechanical pumpers. Zavanna co-owns a new gas processing plant “1804 LLC” designed and built for that purpose and applied to most of their wells.
January 10, 2015: Zavanna's natural gas processing plant given 60 days to start processing natural gas or flaring rules go into effect. 

November 21, 2014: Zavanna to build a 45-million cfd natural gas processing plant seven (7) miles northeast of Williston

September 30, 2014: update on several Zavanna multi-well pads east of Williston

January 30, 2011: Zavanna and USEG in partnership. This makes sense. If you scroll down to near the end of the original post, it is noteworthy that Zavanna has a lot of permits, but there has not been a lot of activity. I've wondered what has been going on with Zavanna. This partnership with USEG reminds me of the partnership with BEXP back in 2009; that partnership worked out very well for both. 

Original Post

This is a very long post.

Earlier this summer, I helped my two granddaughters with a real-grass-growing diorama placed in a huge roasting pan, and populated with toy animals found on the African savanna. Perhaps that's why Zavanna has always captured my interest, along with the fact that the company has a noticeable presence just east of my home town of Williston, North Dakota.

File this information under "coffee table talk." Much of it is factual, but there are opinions stated on this page, the kind of comments I might make sitting around the table having coffee at the Economart in Williston. Of course, no one would be listening to me; they would be talking about sports. 

But for folks interested in Zavanna LLC, here is the information I have in my database. The older data is not as good, but data continues to improve. I didn't really start following the Bakken until sometime in 2007; I forget when I first started blogging about it (I deleted my original site and started over in 2008 or thereabouts, maybe 2009). It seems like a long, long time ago.

Click here for Zavanna's website. From the website --
According to the website, "Zavanna LLC, was founded in August of 1994 to exploit its unique proprietary computer-based Technology for oil and gas exploration, development and acquisition in the United States. In 2001, Zavanna Canada Corp. was formed to explore for the significant remaining oil and gas reserves in the western sedimentary basin of Canada.
"Currently, Zavanna is guiding horizontal and conventional drilling in portions of East Texas, West Texas, the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma, Florida, the Williston Basin of North Dakota, and Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.
"Zavanna operates wells in North Dakota, Texas, Alberta and Saskatchewan. However we prefer to join with other operating companies."
Additional comments, facts, and opinions, based on review of my review of the limited data I have on Zavanna operations in the North Dakota Bakken:
  • Zavanna has one rig in the North Dakota Bakken, Nabors 688; drilling Louise 1-35H, one mile south of Gene 1-22H, in Stockyard Creek
  • Zavanna is currently focused on Stockyard Creek, east of Williston
  • Its website says it prefers to join with other operating companies, and that data I do not have.
  • In 2009, Zavanna was granted a number of permits; they gave these future wells names of feral cats found in the "Savanna" of Africa (lion, tiger, cheetah, serval, ocelot, etc). Most of these were associated with Stony Creek (northeast of Williston) and a few in Stockyard Creek. The two fields abut; Stony Creek is slightly more west and farther north than Stockyard Creek. Both are small fields: both roughly a township in size.
  • Zavanna acquired a fair number of permits (about a dozen) from Zenergy in the 2007 time frame. 
  • Zavanna was drilling Madison wells in 2006 and 2007 but moved to the Bakken in 2008 time frame.
  • I haven't actually counted every last data point, but it appears that Zavanna has a fairly high percent of cancelel permits.
  • In addition, there are a lot of permits that seem to be languishing
  • Curiously, there is a "Jaguar" well in the Big Bend field, but it is not a Zavanna well; it is a Slawson well. Could Zavanna and Slawson partnered on this well? Zavanna does not list Slawson as one of its business partners at its website
  • There are several IPs for Zavanna wells in 2006 and 2007, and then tapering off significantly to only two in 2008. Then back up to four in 2009, but only one in 2010. The past two years have been some of the most active years in North Dakota
Acreage in two townships in North Dakota: 72 sections x 640 acres = 46,000 acres
At $5,000 / acre = $230 million 

My data base does not go back that far, so I don't know, but looking at the November, 2010, docket, Zavanna might have additional significant acreage in the Foreman Butte oil field.

None (as of March 9, 2016)

2015 (list is complete) (when I checked June 7, 2018, these wells were still on conf list)
31929, conf, Zavanna, Mastiff 16-21 4TFH, Stony Creek,
31928, conf, Zavanna, Mastiff 16-21 3H, Stony Creek,
31927, conf, Zavanna, Mastiff 16-21 2TFH, Stony Creek,
31926, conf, Zavanna, Mastiff 16-21 1H, Stony Creek,
31866, conf, Zavanna, Hunter 29-32 5TFH, Foreman Butte,
31865, conf, Zavanna, Hunter 29-32 3H, Foreman Butte,
31864, conf, Zavanna, Hunter 29-32 1TFH, Foreman Butte,
31863, conf, Zavanna, Hunter 29-17 2H, Foreman Butte,
31862, conf, Zavanna, Hunter 29-17 4TFH, Foreman Butte,
31861, conf, Zavanna, Hunter 29-17 6H, Foreman Butte,
31860, conf, Zavanna, Hunter 29-17 8TFH, Foreman Butte,
31411, conf, Zavanna, Rover 9-21 1TFH, Stony Creek,
31410, conf, Zavanna, Rover 9-21 2H, Stony Creek,

2014 (list is complete)
29800, conf, Zavanna, George 19-30 3TFH, Stockyard Creek,
29799, conf, Zavanna,
29784, conf, Zavanna, Galloway 19-30 4H, Stockyard Creek, 
29783, conf, Zavanna,
29782, conf, Zavanna,
29781, conf, Zavanna,
29510, 48, Zavanna, Shepherd 3-11 4TFH, Stony Creek, t1/17; cum 68K 4/18;
29509, conf, Zavanna,
29508, conf, Zavanna,
29507, 160, Zavanna, Shepherd 3-11 1H, Stony Creek, t1/17; cum 201K 4/18;
29386, PNC, Zavanna, Sakakawea 2-21H, Stony Creek,
29255, 294, Zavanna, Sigurd 32-29 8TFH, Stockyard Creek, t294, cum 130K 4/18;
29254, 881, Zavanna, Sigurd 32-29 6H, Stockyard Creek, t9/17; cum 182K 4/18;
29253, S1,685, Zavanna, Sigurd 32-29 4TFH, Stockyard Creek, t10/17; cum 107K 4/18;
29252, 548, Zavanna, Sigurd 32-29 2H, Stockyard Creek, t8/17; cum 126K 4/18;
29251, 557, Zavanna, Sigurd 5-8 7H, Crazy Man Creek, t8/17; cum 183K 4/18;
29250, 540, Zavanna, Sigurd 5-8 5TFH, Crazy Man Creek, t8/17; cum 132K 4/18;
29249, 350, Zavanna, Sigurd 5-8 3H, Crazy Man Creek, t8/17; cum 159K 4/18;
29248, 784, Zavanna, Sigurd 5-8 1TFH, Crazy Man Creek, t8/17; cum 131K 4/18;
29184, PNC, Zavanna, 
28997, PNC, Zavanna, 
28996, PNC, Zavanna, 
28995, PNC, Zavanna, 
28896, SI/NC, Zavanna, 
28895, 1,135, Zavanna, Blackjack 24-13 2TFH, t1/16; cum 23K 1/16 23 days;
28894, 623, Zavanna, Blackjack 24-13 3H, t1/16 cum 4K 13 days;
28886, 2,342, Zavanna, Gust 2-11 2H, Long Creek, t5/16; cum 334K 4/18;
28885, 1,360, Zavanna, Gust 2-11 3TFH, Long Creek, t4/16; cum 85K 4/18;
28869, PNC, Zavanna, Labrador 27-35 5TFH,
28868, PNC, Zavanna, 
28867, PNC, Zavanna, 
28866, PNC, Zavanna, 
28865, PNC, Zavanna, 
28594, 1,676, Zavanna, Simmental 2-11 4TFH, Long Creek, t5/15; cum 127K 1/16;
28593, 564, Zavanna, Simmental 2-11 3H, Long Creek, t5/15; cum 115K 1/16;
28592, 2,024, Zavanna, Simmental 2-11 2TFH, Long Creek, t5/15; cum 153K 1/16; 
28591, 726, Zavanna, Simmental 2-11 1H, Long Creek, t6/15; cum 160K 1/16;
28438, 747, Zavanna, Arrowhead 10-3 1H, East Fork, t12/15; cum50K 1/16;
28437, 388, Zavanna, Arrowhead 10-3 2TFH, East Fork, t12/15; cum 46K 1/16;
28436, 274, Zavanna, Arrowhead 10-3 3H, East Fork, t11/15; cum 63K 1/16;
28433, 1,930, Zavanna, Tomahawk 10-3 4TFH, East Fork, t11/15; cum 70K 1/16;
28432,  1,734, Zavanna, Tomahawk 10-3 3H, East Fork, t11/15; cum 64K 1/16;
28431, 293, Zavanna, Tomahawk 10-3 2TFH, East Fork, t11/15; cum 10K 1/16;

2013 -- 29 permits (list is complete)
27303, 1,373, Zavanna, Husky 33-28 2H, Williston, t12/14; cum 143K 10/15;
27302, 1,764, Zavanna, Husky 33-28 4TFH, Williston, t1/15; cum 124K 1/16;
27301, 1,265, Zavanna, Husky 33-28 6H, Williston, t1/15; cum 117K 1/16;
27300, 825, Zavanna, Husky 33-28 8TFH, Williston, t1/15; cum 106K 1/16
26774, 419, Zavanna, Double Down 24-13 4TFH, East Fork, t1/16; cum 1K 4 days;
26773, 687, Zavanna, Double Down 24-13 3TFH, East Fork, t1/16; cum 4K 6 days;
26772, 2,058, Zavanna, Double Down 24-113 2H, East Fork, t1/16; cum 7K 8 days;
26687, 1210, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 7H, t4/15 cum 77K 10/15;
26686, 548, Zavanna, Angus 34-27 4TFH,  t9/15; cum 24K 10/15;
26685, 1,543, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 5H, t3/15; cum 82K 10/15; sporadic days on line;
26684, 567, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 3TFH, t9/15; cum 22K 10/15;
26683, 2,950, Zavanna, Angus 34-27 2H, t9/15; cum 46K 10/15;
26682, 2,770, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 1H, t9/15 cum 39K 10/15;
26677, 695, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 2TFH, Long Creek, t12/15; cum 34K 1/16;
26676, 630, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 3TFH, Long Creek, t12/15; cum 29K 1/16;
26200, 772, Zavanna, Beagle 32-29 3H, Springbrook, t12/14; cum 32K10/15;
26199, 380, Zavanna, Beagle 32-29 2TFH, Springbrook, t12/14; cum 46K 10/15;
26198, 409, Zavanna, Beagle 32-29 1H, t12/14; cum 136K 10/15;
***26105, conf, Zavanna,
25914, 1,060, Zavanna, Bills 5-8 1H, Crazy Man Creek, t8/14; cum 206K 10/15;
25913, 929, Zavanna, Bills 32-29 2H, Stockyard Creek, t8/14; cum 180K 10/15;
25912, 1,162, Zavanna, Bills 5-8 3TFH, Crazy Man Creek, t8/14; cum 65K 10/15;
25911, 468, Zavanna, Bills 32-29 4TFH, Stockyard Creek, t8/14; cum 72K 10/15;
25553, 1,802, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 2H, Williston, t9/14; cum 117K 10/15;
25552, 616, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 3TFH, Williston, t9/14; cum 115K 10/15;
25530, 1,383, Zavanna, Sylvester 32-39 2H, Springbrook, t11/14; cum 177K 10/15;
25529, 1,108, Zavanna, Sylvester 32-29 4TFH, Springbrook, t11/14; cum 117K 10/15;
25528, 683, Zavanna, Sylvester 32-29 1H, Springbrook, t12/14; cum 137K 10/15;
25527, 1,525, Zavanna, Sylvester 32-29 3TFH, Springbrook, t12/14; cum 98K 10/15;

2012 -- as of June 5, 2012
Thirteen file numbers
24543, 1,086, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 1H, t4/13; cum 291K 10/15;
23901, 628, Zavanna, Young 31-30 1H, 8/13; cum 89K 11/14;
23125, 603, Zavanna, Double down 24-13 1H, East Fork, t11/12; cum 250K 10/15;
23115, 773, Zavanna, Tomahawk 10-3 1H, East Fork, t9/12 cum 223K 11/14;
23007, PNC, Zavanna, Double Down 24-13 1H, East Fork,
22958, 972, Zavanna, NSI 23-24H, Stockyard Creek, t7/13; cum 160K 11/14;
22957, PNC, Zavanna, NSI 14-15H, Stockyard Creek,
22813, 646, Zavanna, Sylvester 1-32H, Springbrook, t9/12; cum 129K 11/14;
22760, 412, Zavanna, Rogers 1-12 1H, Foreman Butte, t6/13; cum 72K 11/14;
22759, 594, Zavanna, Martinez 36-25 1H, Foreman Butte, t2/13; cum 102K 11/14;
22553, 527, Zavanna, Sabertooth 1-24H, Stony Creek, t8/12; cum 194K 11/14;
22458, 454, Zavanna, Witt 34-27 1H, Foreman Butte, t11/12; cum 109K 11/14;
22314, 864, Zavanna, Browning 28-22 1H, Foreman Butte, t2/13; cum 107K 11/14;

Eighteen file numbers
20370, PNC, Zavanna, SS 20-17 1H, East Fork,
20375, 1,011, Zavanna, Niels 32-29 1H, Stockyard Creek, t4/12; cum 26K 4/12;
20414, 682, Zavanna, Larsen 32-29 1H, Foreman Butte, t6/12; cum 129K 11/14;
20439, 706, Zavanna, Thelma 1-21H, Stockyard Creek, t6/12; cum 217K 11/14;
20478, 674, Zavanna, Koufax 3-10 1H, Foreman Butte, t11/11; cum 49K 4/12;
20484, 1,126, Zavanna, Thunderbird 25-36 1H, Long Creek, t3/12; cum 54K 4/12;
20510, 705, Zavanna, Everett 1-15H, Stockyard Creek, t1/12; cum 40K 4/12;
20590, 493, Zavanna, Skogen 17-20 1H, Glass Bluff, t7/12; cum 147K 11/14;
20868, PNC, Hunter 2-11 1 H, Foreman Butte,
21226, 996, Zavanna, Panther 16-21 1H, Stony Creek, t4/12; cum 17K 4/12; 996
21227, 909, Zavanna, Leopard 20-17 1H, Stony Creek, t7/12; cum 226K 11/14;
21372, 742, Zavanna, Bunning 35-26 1H, Foreman Butte, t1/13; cum 112K 11/14;
21739, 633, Zavanna, Kepner 9-4 1H, Glass Bluff, t7/12; cum 142K 11/14;
21864, 561, Zavanna, Wells 6-7 1H, Foreman Butte, t7/12; cum 114K 11/14;
21868, 957, Zavanna, Barker 24-13 1H, Boxcar Butte, t12/12; cum 163K 11/14; 
21873, 640, Zavanna, Bengal 1-2H, Stony Creek, t7/12; cum 163K 11/14;
21874, 540, Zavanna, Tony 1-3H, Stony Creek, t8/12; cum 186K 11/14;
22044, 700, Zavanna, George 19-30 1H, Stockyard Creek, t10/12; cum 235K 11/14;

Seventeen file numbers
18824, 855, Zavanna, Gary 1-24H, Stockyard Creek, t10/10; cum 242K 4/18;
19032, PA/604, Zavanna, Hanson 28-33 1H, Stockyard Creek, t11/10; cum 146K 4/18;
19123, 112, Zavanna, Marlin 27-34 1H, Stockyard Creek, t7/11; cum 123K 4/18;
19328, 853, Zavanna, Earl 1-13H, Stockyard Creek, t6/11; cum 355K 4/18; big jump in production in 4/15;
19436, 930, Zavanna, Louise 1-35 H, Stockyard Creek, t6/11; cum 275K 4/18;
19813, 977, Zavanna, Olson 8-5 1H, Glass Bluff; t12/11; cum 242K 4/18;
19821, 983, Zavanna, Cheryl 14-23 1H, Glass Bluff, t11/11; cum 216K 4/18;
19849, PNC, Zavanna, Kepner 9-4 1H OLD, Glass Bluff,
19895, PNC, Zavanna, Lassey 16-21 1H,
19981, 1,003, Zavanna, Gust 2-11 1H, Long Greek, t3/12; cum 463K 4/18; huge jump in production in 10/16;
19982, 1,197, Zavanna, Bruce 5-8 1H, Crazy Man Creek, t1/12; cum 390K 4/18;
20000, 573, Zavanna, CDK 15-22 1H, Glass Bluff, Bakken, t6/12; cum 209K 4/18;
20085, 825, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 1H, Long Creek, t8/12; cum 434K 4/18; had a huge jump in production back in 2016;
20093, 638, Zavanna, Skorpil 11-2 1H, Glass Bluff, Bakken, t5/12; cum 242K 4/18;
20094, 867, Zavanna, Wang 10-3 1H, Glass Bluff, Bakken, t3/12; cum 257K 4/18;
20105, 737, Zavanna, Crescent Farm 7-6 1H, Glass Bluff, Bakken, t3/12; cum 289K 4/18;
20111, 718, Zavanna, Wildcat 1-11H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t8/11; cum 172K 11/14; cum 279K 4/18;

Sixteen file numbers
17979, 706, Zavanna, Lynx 1-27H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t7/11; cum 236
K 4/18;18009, 1,128, Zavanna, Gene 1-22H, Stockyard Creek, Bakken, t4/10; cum 233K 4/18;
18014, 1,075, Zavanna, Bobcat 1-25H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t1/10; Bakken; cum 186K 4/18;
18015, 1,267, Zavanna, Grasser 1-26H, Stockyard Creek, Bakken, t5/10; cum 292K 4/18;
18016, PNC, Hanson 1-28H
18021, 851, Zavanna, Marty 1-20H, Stockyard Creek, t8/10; cum 201K 4/18;
18054, 489, Zavanna, Rodney 1-14H, Stockyard Creek, Bakken, t6/11; cum 212K 4/18;
18063, 1,034, Zavanna, Ocelot 1-15H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t4/12; cum 284K 4/18;
18064, 1,085, Zavanna, Cougar 1-35H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t7/11; cum 269K 4/18;
18067, 803, Zavanna, Lion 1-14H, Stony Creek, t5/12; cum 169K 11/14;
18069, 783, Zavanna, Tiger 1-23H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t6/10; cum 219K 4/18;
18070, PNC, Leopard 1-20H,
18071, 527, Zavanna, Cheetah 1-10H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t5/12; cum 240K 4/18;
18075, 764, Zavanna, Jaguar 1-22H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t3/12; cum 291K 4/18;
18092, PNC, Zavanna, Serval 1-9H, Stony Creek, Bakken,
18133, PNC, Panther 1-16H,

Ten file numbers
17446, 49, Zavanna, Leonard 1-23H, Stockyard Creek, Bakken, t12/08; cum 157K 4/18; was off-line as of 7/17, and didn't come back on line until 4/18;
17453, 225, Zavanna, Puma 1-26H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t2/09; cum 121K 4/18;
17846, PNC,
17857, PNC,
17882, PNC,
17904, PNC,
17905, PNC,
17915, PNC,
17384, AB/150, Zavanna/Zenergy, Jean Baptiste 1-11H, Buford, Madison, t9/08; cum 127K 11/14;

Eight file numbers (Madison wells)
16705, PNC, Zavanna, Lone Tree 1-19H, Stockyard Creek, Madison,
16723, IA/140-->SWD, Zavanna, Corral 1 SWD/Brushy Bill 1-19H, Stockyard Creek, Madison, t9/07; cum 50K 4/15;
16866, IA/78, Zavanna, Brunelle 1-29H, Stockyard Creek, Madison, t2/08; cum 46K 4/15; 
16569, AB/108, Zavanna/Zenergy, Pvt Frazier 1-34H, Briar Creek, Madison, t6/07; cum 95K 3/14;
16601, AB/32, Zavanna/Zenergy, Sakakawea 1-21H, Briar Creek, Madison, t2/008; cum 20K 10/13;
16638, 143, Zavanna/Zenergy, Charbonneau 1-14H, Briar Creek, Madison, t9/07; cum 305K 10/15;
16738, 125, Zavanna/Zenergy, Ft Buford 1-16H, Briar Creek, Madison, t10/07; cum 123K 10/15;
16889, 48, Zavanna/Zenergy, Pompey 17-18H, Briar Creek, Madison, t3/08; cum 56K 10/15;

Nine file numbers
According to my data base, all nine permits/file numbers/wells were originally Zenergy's but in the summer of 2007, they were acquired by Zavanna (I could be wrong on this, but that's what my database suggests; I was just starting to follow the Bakken in late 2006, so it was all new to me, and I was not sure how best to store data for later retrieval; it's still a problem). Except for the two most recent file numbers, all were in McKenzie County
  • 16107, Jan 23, 2006, 385, Madison, Zavanna, Lewis 1-36H, Briar Creek, t5/06; cum 130K 11/14;
  • 16175, Nov 20, 2006, 267, Madison, Zavanna, Clark 1-35H, Briar Creek, t6/06; cum 168K 11/14;
  • 16212, Apr 10, 2007, 170, Madison, Zavanna, Ordway 1-26H, Briar Creek, t11/06; cum 125K 11/14;
  • 16258, May 24, 2007, 199, Madison, Zavanna, Gass 1-25H, Briar Creek, t1/07; cum 87K 11/14; 
  • 16264, Jun 1, 2006, 66, Madison, Zavanna, Pryor 1-1H, Briar Creek, t1/07; cum 35K 11/14;
  • 16414, Jun 7, 2007, 135, Madison, Zavanna, Pvt Hall 1-23H, Briar Creek, t2/07; cum 178K 11/14;
  • 16417, Aug 7, 2007, 217, Madison, Zavanna, Pvt Goodrich 1-22H, Briar Creek, t3/07; cum 212K 11/14;
  • 16418, Jun 7, 2007, 50, Madison, Zavanna, Pvt Gibson 1-27H, Briar Creek, t2/07; cum 40K 11/14;
  • 16455, Aug 7, 2007, 130, York 1-2H, Briar Creek, short lateral, t3/07; cum 97K 11/14;
  • 16481, Feb 10, 2009, Stockyard Creek, 58, Madison, Zavanna, Harstad 1-15H, Stockyard Creek, t3/07; cum 114K 11/14;
NDIC Hearing Dockets
February, 2012
  • 17093 - 17133, Zavanna, pooling (~41 wells)
December, 2012
  • 16426, Zavanna, amend Stockyard Creek-Bakken, establish 4 1280-acre units; 1 well each, Williams
Start with December 2010


  1. Is there any info on what spacings are part of the new agreement made with US Energy Corp? I have been following this with some interest and sounds like Zavanna intends to secure another rig in Q2 2011.

  2. Two comments regarding your question.

    First: the percent working interest is the bigger issue; and there's no way I have access to that data. The bigger the working interest, of course, the better, especially if it turns out to be a great well.

    Second: generally speaking, the spacing has already been determined in most of the Bakken. Certainly in the designated fields, spacing has been determined and can be seen on the GIS map server at the NDIC home page.

    Third: if the spacing is 1280-acre, then it will be a long lateral; 640-acre, then a short lateral. The trend is for 1280-acre spacing in North Dakota. I could be wrong on this, but it's my understanding based on a NDIC hearing docket some months ago, unless ruled otherwise, producers can assume "new" fields / extensions to existing fields, will be spaced at 1280-acre units. So, if spacing has not been determined, a company would probably need permission from NDIC for spacing other than the new norm.

    Fourth: regardless of the spacing units, producers can put more than one well into a spacing unit. There is a case in which one company has requested permission to place "multiple" wells on one or more 320-acre units. And in the core of the Bakken, WLL is routinely putting seven wells on 1280-acre units. BEXP will put in 3 wells on 1280-acre units, and is testing (with pilot wells) whether the units can be economic with 4, 5, or 6 wells. CLR, of course, will also have multiple wells in one spacing unit.

    Finally: if you don't own mineral rights, but invest in USEG, it probably matters less how much USEG puts into a specific well, and matters more how they distribute their money over several wells. Hopefully, they have bigger working interest in the best wells, and a smaller working interest in wells that are not so good.

  3. Regarding the comment above, more information can be found at:

    I did not reference it because I assumed you had already seen it. Regardless at that post, it was noted that the three wells USEG is currently involved in, are all long laterals with about 30 stage fracture plans.