Sunday, January 4, 2015

Utica-Marcellus Natural Gas Pipeline Proosed For The Mid-Atlantic Coast -- January 4, 2015


July 24, 2018: milestone reached; FERC approves North Carolina portion.

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Charlotte BizJournal is reporting:
N.C. regulators will allow Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas to make contracts between their utilities and commercial divisions for gas transportation on the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
The unanimous vote by the N.C. Utilities Commission on Monday clears the way for Duke, Piedmont, Dominion Resources of Richmond, VA, and AGL Resources of Atlanta to make a preliminary filing next month for federal approval of the pipeline.
The 550-mile pipeline will run from eastern West Virginia, where it will access natural gas from the Utica and Marcellus shale fields, southeastward across Virginia and southward through North Carolina to Robeson County.
It is expected to cost about $5 billion.
As Don pointed out: the folks in New England will still be arguing about natural gas pipelines when this pipeline is finished.

I don't know if folks know how "huge" North Carolina really is in terms of state economy, potential, etc. I think I read somewhere, 75% of the US population lives within a few hours of North Carolina. Apparently the I-40 corridor with Raleigh at one end, Winston-Salem at the other end, and Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Durham in between.

Virginia, on its own, has a lot going for it, but then add in the fact it has all the good stuff coming out of Washington, DC (to the far northeast) without all the problems associated with an inner city.

This -- the proposed natural gas pipeline -- is a pretty big deal, the little I know about it.

Hopefully 2015 Will Be As Good; North Dakota Best State For Job Creation -- Washington Post -- January 4, 2015

the Washington Post is reporting:
After years of recession and a weak recovery, 2014 may be remembered as the year the U.S. economy regained its footing.
It was the best year for job growth since 1999, and economists predict strong growth in gross domestic product next year, too.
The state that led the way in job creation, though, was one that never really slowed down: North Dakota.
Credit the Bakken oil fields, which have fueled an energy boom that kept North Dakotans employed even in the depths of the recession. The state’s population has boomed, its median income has climbed more than 10 percent in the past six years, and its unemployment rate, 2.7 percent, is the lowest in the country. This was one of the reasons we gave North Dakota the Best State award last spring.
Notes to the Granddaughters

I had a nice lunch with long-time friends who have lived in southern California their entire adult lives. One of the two manages the family's investment portfolio.

In a wide-ranging 90-minute conversation, investing and the economy occupied less than five minutes of our time.

Three takeaways or topics of discussion:
  • Apple and the computer industry in general: some people "get it"; others "don't"; some don't care
  • health care industry: huge investment opportunity; not a huge investment opportunity but ObamaCare is good for the country; ObamaCare: some people "get it"; others "don't"; some don't care
  • oil: no one knows; no consensus among the four of us; 
Bottom line: I'm glad we spent less than five minutes on the US economy, investing, etc.

Most of the discussion had to to do with visiting museums, restaurants, Chinese roast duck, duck, lamb, whale watching.  

The Syverson/Gariety Wells In Siverston Oil Field

  • 20895, 2,301, Newfield, Syverson 150-99-36-25-1H, huge decline rate or choked back, t10/11; cum 249K 10/20; pretty much off-line since 10/15; remains off-line 9/19; did produce a little bit of oil, 6/19; remains off line 9/19; back on line 4/20;
  • 27481, 955, Newfield, Gariety 150-99-36-25-5H, Siverston, t10/14; cum 194K 10/20;
  • 27482, 735, Newfield, Gariety 150-99-36-25-4H, Siverston, t10/14; cum 204K 10/20;
  • 28606, 637, Newfield, Gariety 150-99-36-25-11H, Siverston, t10/14; cum 145K 9/19;
  • 27509, 1,222, Newfield, Syverson 150-99-36-25-2H, t10/14; cum 218K 10/20;
  • 27510, 1,201, Newfield, Syverson 150-99-36-25-3H, t9/14; cum 185K 10/20;
  • 28607, 483, Newfield, Syverson 150-99-36-25-10H, t10/14; cum 130K 10/20; off line much of the summer of 2019; off line as of 8/20; inconsistent production;
A Note to the Granddaughters

I am posting this while overlooking the Pacific ocean off Point Vicente, southern California. They are too far away and I did not bring a telephoto lens, but off in the distance three whales headed north. Three small boats in trail and alongside, tracking, following, photographing, no doubt.

Later: tt turns out I was wrong; apparently only one whale headed north, unless the board has not been updated:

Note: last year a record was set with number of cow/calf pairs at 286 northbound.


No pictures of the whale but a couple of pictures of the lamb we prepared last night. 

The paste included fresh rosemary and thyme (from live plants, in the little flower pot).

The marinated lamb just prior to cooking. 

The "paste" from Weber's Big Book of Grilling

To grill: high heat for two minutes; indirect heat for six additional minutes (at most), turning once.

Another Note to the Granddaughters

Back in 2000, we moved to San Antonio. Although we were renting, it was the first "real" house for us in quite some time. In addition, we were living in Texas. For the first time in maybe 20 years I began grilling seriously, very seriously. I even planted an herb and hot pepper garden.

I don't know how I came across Weber's Big Book of Grilling. I honestly can't remember if it was a gift, or if I saw it recommended in a newspaper article, or if I stumbled across it at Barnes and Noble. Whatever.

Without question, I can strongly recommend this as the only book you will ever need. I assume everyone who grills and uses a cookbook will have their own special grilling cookbook. However, if you don't have this book, or if you are a newbie to grilling, this is the book I recommend. And I've looked at a lot of cookbooks and have too many to count, including several on grilling. 

Several Nice Whiting Pronghorn Wells Coming Off Confidential List Over The Weekend, Monday -- January 4, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015
  • 22821, 1,299, CLR, Antelope 2-23H, Elm Tree, t12/14; cum 4K 11/14;
  • 24541, 1,113, Whiting, Pronghorn Federal 21-14 CL PH, Park, 2 sections, t7/14; cum 38K 11/14;
  • 24542, 1,176, Whiting, Pronghorn Federal 11-14PH, Park, t7/14; cum 41K 11/14;
  • 24821, 1,236, Whiting, Pronghorn Federal 14-11PH, Park, t7/14; cum 38K 11/14;
  • 27640, 605, Emerald, Billy Ray Valentine 3-8-5H, Boxcar Butte, t7/14; cum 34K 11/14;
  • 28713, 643, WPX, Martin Fox 20-17HF, Mandaree, t10/14; cum 42K 11/14;
Sunday, January 4, 2015
  • 24830, 2,542, Whiting, Pronghorn Federal 44-11PH, Park, t7/14; cum 86K 11/14;
  • 26254, drl, SM Energy, Oakland Federal 1-1H, Cartwright, no production data,
  • 27384, drl, XTO, Berquist 31X-2D, Garden, no production data,
  • 28071, 1,628, Petro-Hunt, Sorenson 152-96-24C-13-2HR, Union Center, t10/14; cum 52K 11/14;
  • 28264, 5, Denbury Onshore, CHSU 24-23NH 15, Cedar Hills, unitized, a South Red River B well, t8/14; cum 2K 11/14;
  • 28607, 483, Newfield, Syverson 150-99-36-25-10H, Siverston, t10/14, cum 24K 11/14;
Saturday, January 3, 2015
  • 25004, A, CLR, Joanne 2-7H, Sadler, no IP, s7/14; cum 1K 11/14;
  • 27208, 2,262, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-4B-8-2HS, Charlson, t12/14; cum --
  • 27509, 1,222, Newfield, Syverson 150-99-36-25-2H, Siverston, t10/14; cum 40K 11/14;
  • 27929, 355, American Eagle, Eli 8-1E-163-102, Colgan, pt9/14; cum 32K 11/14;
  • 28007, drl, Oasis, Straw Pow 5602 42-17, Bull Butte, no production data,
  • 28180, drl, Hess, HA-Rolfsrud-152-96-1720H-4, Westberg, no production data,
  • 28620, drl, Slawson, Mooka 6-29-20TFH, Big Bend, no production data,

28713, see above, WPX, Martin Fox 20-17HF, Mandaree:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

28071, see above, Petro-Hunt, Sorenson 152-96-24C-13-2HR, Union Center:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27509, see above, Newfield, Syverson 150-99-36-25-2H, Siverston:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold