Friday, October 12, 2018

Daily Activity Reports -- Thursday, Friday -- October 11 - 12, 2018

Sixteen new permits, October 11 (6) and October 12, 2018 (10):
  • Operators: Whiting (4); Newfield (2); CLR (8); Kraken Operating (2)
  • Fields: Sanish (Mountrail); Siverston (McKenzie); Cedar Coulee (Dunn); Brooklyn (Williams); Green Lake (Williams)
  • Comments: CLR has permits for a 4-well Gjorven pad in Brooklyn oil field in SESE 21-155-98;
One re-completed well:
  • 15167, North Range, Beta Race Federal 22-6,
Two producing wells (DUC) reported as completed:
  • 29616, 1,272, Slawson, Rebel Federal 1-32-8H, t9/18; cum --; several nice Slawson wells in this area, running in both directions (N/S and S/N); #33701, recently off-line; now coming back on line;
  • 33995, 2,363, Hess, BB-Burk-151-95-1807H-7, Blue Buttes, 9/18; cum --; part of a 10-well pad running south to north; neighboring 5-well pad running north to south:
    • 17060, off-line;
    • 23499, coming back on line after being off line for one-two months;
    • 23500, ditto,
    • 23501, never off line, no jump in production,
    • 23502, ditto
Seven permits canceled:
  • CLR (6): three Bang and three Carus permits, all in Dunn County
  • Resource Energy Can-Am: one Mae permit in Divide County
Fourteen permits renewed:
  • NP Resources (5): five Trotter Federal permits in McKenzie County 
  • QEP (4): four Vegas permits in McKenzie County
  • MRO (3): one Prior USA; one Ranum USA; and, one Walcel USA; all in Mountrail County
  • Enerplus: a Brugh Bear permit in McKenzie County
  • BR: one Mancord permit in Dunn County

Director's Cut -- August, 2018 -- Data Is Posted

Link here: for links to NDIC and the Director's Cuts. And to Art Berman's "shale is a retirement party."

Disclaimer: the Director's Cut summary that I try to do every month is done very, very quickly. There will be typographical and/or factual errors. That's why I have the link. If this information is important to you, go to the link.

Done very quickly this time because I am traveling. There are likely to be typographical errors.

Crude oil:
  • August, 2018: 1,291,496 bopd (new all-time high)
  • July, 2018:  1,269,290 bopd 
  • Delta: 22,206 bopd
  • Percentage delta: 1.74%
Memo to self: note to Art Berman.

For August, 2018, he number is: 1,291,496 bbls/day (new all-time high)
  • Crude oil: 1,291,496 bopd
  • Natural gas: 2,437,760 MCF/day = 406,226 boepd (new all-time high)
  • Total: 1,697,721 boepd (new all-time high)
    • July, 2018 (last month): 1,669,328 boepd
Well completions:
  • August, completions, preliminary: 114
  • July, completions: 106 (preliminary): actual -- 125 (final)
  • June, completions: 63 (preliminary): actual - 85 (final)
  • May, completions: 42 (preliminary); actual -- 72 (final)
  • April, completions: 69 (preliminary); actual --> 86 (final)
  • March completions: 75
  • February completions: 74
  • January completions: 65
DUCs + inactive wells:
  • August, 2018, DUCs and inactive wells: 2,352
    • DUCs, waiting on completion: 925, down 18 from end of July to end of August
    • inactive well count: 1,427, down 59 from end of July to end of August; 
  • July, 2018, DUCs and inactive wells: 2,429
    • DUCs, waiting on completion: 943, down 50 from the end of June to the end of July
    • inactive well count: 1,486, up 28 during same time period
  • June, 2018, DUCs and inactive wells: 2,451
  • May, 2018, DUCs and inactive wells: 2,451
  • see "DUC commentary," dated June 29, 2018 
Flaring (Tioga gas plant was at 99% capacity):
  • statewide: 82% (no change from last month)
  • statewide, Bakken: 83% (down from 84% last month)
  • FBIR Bakken: 73% (down from 76% last month) -- federal, getting worse; atrocious, compared to state
  • ND goal: 88% capture; increasing to 91% beginning November 1, 2020

Morning Note -- October 12, 2018

Wells coming off the confidential list today and yesterday:

Friday, October 12, 2018:
  • 34139, SI/NC,  WPX, Raptor 13-24HZ, Reunion Bay, no production data, 
  • 32020, drl,  Hess, CA-Stangeland-155-95-2128H-6, Capa, no production data, 
Thursday, October 11, 2018:
  • 34645, drl,  Eagle Operating, Popinga 32-16, wildcat,Madison County, vertical well, Renville County, no production data,
  • 32021, SI/NC,  Hess, CA-Stangeland-155-95-2128H-5, Capa, no production data, 
  • 31987, 1,063,  Oasis, Hanover Federal 5300 41-11 13TX, Willow Creek, 4 sections, a nice well; t4/18; cum 105K 8/18; 
Active rigs:

Active Rigs67593368190

RBN Energy: Northeast gas pipeline expansions set to boost gas production -- again.
While many are getting ready for the usual trappings of fall — Halloween, Thanksgiving turkey and Black Friday sales — Northeast natural gas market participants are gearing up for their own seasonal ritual — gas pipeline takeaway expansions. Two days ago, Enbridge/DTE Energy’s 1.5-Bcf/d NEXUS Gas Transmission pipeline received approval to start partial service for nearly 1 Bcf/d of capacity. That follows Williams/Transco’s Atlantic Sunrise natural gas project, which launched service for its full 1.7 Bcf/d of southbound capacity last week (on October 6). Also last week, TransCanada/Columbia Gas Transmission was given the nod for partial service on both its Mountaineer Xpress and WB Xpress projects. Then there’s Energy Transfer’s Rover Pipeline, which is awaiting approval for its final two laterals. Combined, these projects are poised to add more than 4.0 Bcf/d of Marcellus/Utica takeaway capacity before the coldest months of winter arrive. What does that mean for the Northeast gas market this winter? Today, we provide an update on Atlantic Sunrise’s early effects and other upcoming projects completions.