Saturday, July 7, 2018

Week 27: July 1, 2018 -- July 7, 2018

Random look at two Slawson dual long lateral wells in Big Bend 
Random update of a BR Midnight Run well with jump in production
Random update of a Petro-Hunt Charlson USA well with jump in production
Comparison of middle Bakken well paired with a neighboring Three Forks well 
Carson Peak and Morris well update
CLR wants to put 23 wells on one drilling unit in Haystack Butte
DAPL: one year later

COP temporarily exits the Permian; will focus on the Eagle Ford and the Bakken
COP returning to the Bakken
Demand for trucks across the USA: soaring 
WTI flirted with $75 this week before dropping back
US natural gas production hits all time high in April, 2018
Produced water problem in the Permian

Saudi Arabia, Part 2
Saudi Arabia, Part 1

Atmospheric CO2 -- Breaches 410 PPM -- FWIW -- July 7, 2018

California heat: southern California sets all-time heat record.
Among the places that set all-time records were Van Nuys Airport (117 degrees), Burbank Airport (114), UCLA (111), Santa Ana (114) and Ramona (115), according to the National Weather Service. Riverside tied its all-time high temperature of 118.
Downtown Los Angeles hit a new high for the day, at 108. Long Beach Airport hit 108 and Woodland Hills, 118. B
ut not to worry: the grid is holding. More than enough electricity.
Can't say as much for Massachusetts.
Massachusetts grid: Massachusetts looking for electricity from Canada -- the problem? Their northern neighbors -- US states of Maine, New Hampshire -- don't want the high voltage lines going through their states.

Atmospheric CO2 -- FWIW

Was "411" in May, 2018, but concentration is season. 

Keeling curve, Mauna Loa, July 5, 2018, July's reading:

CO2 now, July 5, 2018, for June:

The Book Page

Years ago I was in a "Graham Greene" phase. I read his "authorized" biography. I read The Portable Graham Greene. I'm back in my "Graham Greene" phase again have just read The Road Not Taken, a biography of Edward Lansdale.

Now I'm reading The Quiet American by Greened.

Place names mentioned in the book led me to this link and this link, regarding the two movies made based on the book (1958, 2002).