Friday, October 21, 2016

Just One Random Example Of Bakken 2.0 -- From The November, 2016, Hearing Docket Agenda

Case No. 25459:
Application of Continental Resources, Inc. for an order authorizing the following for the Dimmick Lake-Bakken Pool, McKenzie County, ND: (i) the drilling, completing and producing of a total not to exceed twelve wells on an existing 1280-acre spacing unit described as Sections 1 and 12, T.150N., R.97W.; and (ii) the drilling, completing and producing of a total not to exceed twenty-four wells on an existing overlapping 2560-acre spacing unit described as Sections 30 and 31, T.151N., R.96W. and Sections 6 and 7, T.150N., R.96W., eliminating any tool error requirements and such other relief as is appropriate.
From the very beginning, the MillionDollarWay suggested that if "you" had one well, you would eventually have four wells, probably eight wells, and possibly, many more than that. In this case, some folks with mineral rights in the area described above might have 24 wells plus 8 existing wells = 32 wells (so far). That's a lot of mailbox money.

And remember, operators are not drilling wells if the EURs are not at least 500,000 bbls; some operators require more.

The eight wells in the two current 1280-acre drilling units are the Kennedy-Miles wells, which I track here.

The eight Kennedy-Miles wells as of this date which are updated elsewhere, not here:

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