Friday, October 21, 2016

Wow, I Wish Aubrey Was Still With Us -- October 21, 2016

From Bloomberg/Rigzone: Chesapeake Energy declares "Propageddon" with record frack. Data points:
  • first it was the single stage frack; then the multi-stage frack; then, the mega-frack; now it's the monster frack
  • the era of the monster frack has arrived in North America -- Chesapeake singing its praises
  • 25,000 tons of sand down one Louisiana natural gas well -- "propageddon"
  • Black 2 & 11-15-11 1H: 50.185 million lbs of sand in the Haynesville shale region of Louisiana; the well's lateral length = 9,764 feet (typical for a Bakken well)
  • the most used in the North Dakota Bakken has been 20 million tons by EOG, and that was a rare event
  • output increased 70% over traditional fracking techniques
  • "we're unleashing hell on every gas molecule downhole" -- VP of operations
  • average amount of sand used for each well in North American shale fields has doubled since 2014
  • in addition, the laterals have grown by 50%; and, the number of stages are also up by half
  • Southwestern Energy Co is testing frack jobs with as much as 5,000 lbs per lateral foot (a 10,000-ft Bakken lateral = 50 million lbs
I assume Mike Filloon will mention this in an upcoming Bakken update. 

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