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SM Energy To Sell Some Bakken Assets To Oasis; Newfield To Sell Bakken Assets; Oasis To Offer Up To 46 Million New Shares -- October 17, 2016

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October 20, 2016: random notes regarding the SM Energy deal to buy additional acres in the Permian; and to finance that deal by selling some Bakken assets to Oasis. 

October 20, 2016: Mike Filloon has a Bakken update on RSP Permian's Silver Hill acquisition in the Delaware Basin of the Permian.

October 20, 2016: Rigzone/Bloomberg -- more on SM Energy's plans in the Permian -- a must read. 

October 19, 2016: Oil & Gas Journal on this deal:
  • Oasis: acquires 55,000 net acres; 226 gross operated locations; from SM Energy; $785 million
  • acquisition: 50 million boe of proved reserves; 63% of which is consider proved developed producing and 77% of which is oil; will produce 12,400 boe/d 4Q16
  • Oasis: 3Q16 production averaged 48,509 boe/d; 81% oil
  • Oasis: increased its full-year standalone company guidance to 50,000 boe/d
  • Oasis: current well costs: now down to $5.2 million on 4-million-lb-slickwater completions
  • Oasis' natural gas processing plant in Wild basin now online; operating as planned; will allow October, 2016, production to average over 50,000 boe/d
$785 million / 55,000 acres = $14,000/acre

Original Post
Huge "thank you" to a reader for spotting this. I would have missed it. From a press release:
  • SM Energy will sell its Williston Basin assets located outside of Divide County for $785 million
  • Oasis is the buyer of the SM Energy assets; again, this is their assets "outside of Divide County"
Also in the press release:
  • SM Energy to acquire 37,500 net acres in West Texas; SM will have 82,450 acres in Midland Basin
  • $1.1 billion cash plus 13.4 million shares of SM common stock to be issued to the seller
  • seller: QStar LLC, a portfolio of EnCap Investments L.P. 
SM Energy shares: $40/share = $500,000
$1.6 billion / 37,500 acres = $40,000/acre


Newfield will sell North Dakota Bakken assets to finance STACK play in Oklahoma. Link here.
Newfield paid $470 million this year to expand its drilling rights in the central Oklahoma shale fields, part of a flood of investment into one of the few U.S. regions where drilling is still profitable at current prices. 
It’s a matter of "when, not if" Newfield sells its drilling rights in the Williston shale basin, [CEO Lee] Boothby said. Newfield currently holds rights on 85,000 acres in the Williston. No specific deal is on the table right now, he said.
Back of the envelope: 85,000 x $5,000 = $425 million.

LNG Unable To Compete With Coal in Asia

Despite an over 90 percent coal price rally to almost $100 a tonne, and even with relatively low LNG prices of $6.50 per million British thermal units (mmBtu) , versus $20 per mmBtu in 2014, gas still can not compete with coal in Asia.
For LNG to be competitive, coal needs to trend toward $110 a tonne in Asia.  


Active rigs:

Active Rigs3267190184186

RBN Energy: understanding rate regulation for a new crude oil pipeline.  A continuing series.

Oasis to offer 46 million shares of common stock. Link here


KK Rider Story, Todd Snider

The Market

Open: up about 75 points. Goldman Sachs quarterly earnings surged 47%; easily beat expectations. Shares up 2% in early trading. As reported yesterday, Netflix shares have surged; up almost 20% in trading today on reports of huge global subscriber increase; Netflix is set to become #2 in dollars spent for "own" content. Only ESPN will spend more. If I recall, around $6 billion to be spent by Netflix, and about $7 billion by ESPN for "own" content programming. Of course, Oasis was expected to drop with today's news and shares are down almost 4% to under $11. XLNX is moving in the right direction now after a few down days. US Silica holdings, I would assume, is trending up again; let's see: yep, up about 1%. RSP Permian showing a bit of profit taking, down about 1.3%.

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