Monday, April 3, 2017

CLR's Ransom - Omlid Wells In Elidah Oil Field

I believe this is the first graphic I've posted of this area in the Bakken. This is where I will track the CLR Ransom - Omlid wells. I will not track the BR wells at this post.

April 4, 2017: from a reader regarding the proposed 5-well CLR Omlid/Random pad --
This is a little more background on the Continental Resources Omlid/Ransom wells based on a NDIC hearing last fall.
The 4 Omlid permits issued yesterday are to drill north in sections 19 and 18. The 3 Ransom wells will drill south into sections 30-31.
According to the hearing, Continental plans to drill a similar number of wells in each direction at some later point from a second pad in the north part of section 30.
It is interesting to note, the Omlid wells will be made up of two middle Bakken, one first bench Three Forks and one second bench Three Forks.
The Ransom wells show one middle Bakken, one TF bench one and one TF bench two.
The original Ransom well drilled from south to north in section 30 is a middle Bakken well, drilled in 2011.
The Omlid unit (sections 19-18, 151-97) already has a Three Forks third bench well which has been producing since 2013. It has totaled 184,000 barrels oil and still made more than 2,500 barrels in February 2017. It has to be one of the best, if not the best, third bench well in the central Williston Basin.
This is all the more interesting since most all the recent Three Forks drilling has been held to the first bench by most operators. The only exception is a couple of Oasis wells drilled to the second bench last fall. These wells are 6 miles west of the Omlid/Ransom unit.
For newbies:
I have said on the blog that by late 2014, just when the Saudis announced a surge in production resulting in a huge drop in oil prices, the middle Bakken was pretty well mapped out by the operators.
They were just beginning to complete the process of mapping out the Three Forks.
Meanwhile, the second and third bench still had a long way to go.
So, things continue to move slowly in the lower benches, but gradually we are getting there.
The other interesting thing about the Omlid-Ransom wells, of course: the close proximity BR and CLR are working; I've seen this elsewhere. I understand the process. But it sure begs the question to what degree the two companies are working together and if there could ever be a closer, more "official" relationship.
And one other note: this is the Elidah oil field which is interesting in and of itself.


  1. What's funny is that last week, a guy at work came to me and asked what his mother's minerals are worth. I asked where at, and he gave me the legal description, which is for 31-151-97. I have him all my reasons why I think they should keep the acreage, and this is exactly why I told him that. Its funny this came up when it did.

    1. That's quite funny --- I really appreciate the feedback. I was thinking about this earlier this evening. Some folks with one, two, three, or four wells think they are very, very, very rich. Imagine what they think when they might have ten, twelve, fourteen or more wells. The boom may be over, but there are some incredible stories still being told.

  2. Dang... Bruce.... how far is this from t158 r98 ? Where I own rights...

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying.

      Omlid wells are in 151-97. 158-98 would be seven townships north and one township west. 7 x 6 miles north would be 42 miles north. I think 158-98 might be in the Rainbow oil field, or thereabouts.