Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In Less Than Five Years, The US Could Produce 40% Of The World's Total Natural Gas -- July 18, 2017

Over at "The Big Stories," I have a link to the "North American Energy Revolution," but I have never had anything there linking to a Mexican story. Now we do. From the Oil & Gas Journal, DOE and IEA now see Mexico's global energy role growing rapidly.
IEA expects the US shale revolution to get a second wind and increase its gas production to 40% of the world’s total by 2022. IEA also projects that the US will become one of the world’s three largest LNG exporters—alongside Australia and Qatar—and give LNG a majority share of the global gas market for the first time by 2040.
“North America is entering a golden age of energy prosperity,” said [EIA], adding that Mexico looks as if could be more than a junior partner. The country is on track to become a full IEA member by year-end, he said.
Update: three countries mentioned in this article on natural gas -- the US; Qatar; and, Australia. What major country with huge NG stores was not mentioned? Wow.

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