Monday, October 1, 2012

Two Bakken-Related Stories From Carpe Diem; RBN Energy on the Permian; Independent Stock Analysis Oil Links

RBN Energy: pricing -- the Permian and the pipelines. Excellent article. For those folks who follow the Bakken, this will help explain why Bakken trades at a premium to WTI -- for now.

Independent Stock Analysis energy links.

Sand: Minnesota millionaires.

America's booming energy industry: #1 job creator. Despite all the obstacles set up by Washington -- moratorium, permitorium, regulations, ...
It’s perhaps ironic that the fossil-fuel based stimulus to the economy could actually now be helping Obama politically by keeping the economy out of another recession, despite what some have called the president’s ongoing “war against fossil fuels.” -- Mark Perry
And it was noted by another: this is all being done on private land. Federal land has been declared off-limits except for wind and solar.

"Well, yes, I do believe in redistribution." -- President Obama (before he was president). Making the rounds.

A scientist says a single google search uses as much energy boiling a pot of water (for coffee).
The production of a single cup of coffee requires 100 liters of water, while a chocolate bar draws upon 27,000 liters. Even a simple computer search for consumes the same energy as boiling a kettle.
So far this morning, I've used enough energy to brew thirty cups of coffee based on number of page views. Somehow, I don't believe that it takes that much energy per page view. Likewise, the math doesn't add up: if it takes 100 liters of water for a single cup of coffee, Boston would be out of water this morning. And then folks wonder why there are global warming skeptics.

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