Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wells To Watch: Oasis Wells in Crazy Man Creek

Crazy Man Creek: a few miles west of the bull's eye of the Bakken

November 7, 2012: there are now nine wells active, drilling, or permitted in section 12-153-100 (some will be drilling south into Willow Creek oil field);

Davis, #19638:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare


2018 (list is complete)
34506, PNC, CLR, Anderson 11-4HSL, CMC,
34505, PNC, CLR, Anderson 10-4HSL1, CMC,
34644, 2,236, CLR, Anderson 11X-4HSL, CMC, t10/18; cum 231K 6/19;
34643, 1,651, CLR, Anderson 10X-4HSL1, CMC, t10/18; cum 131K 6/19;



2015 (list is complete)
31595, 561, CLR, Jefferson 9X-17H, CMC, t12/15; cum 203K 6/19;
31428, 633, CLR, Stangeland 9-7H1, CMC, t2/18; cum 130K 6/19;
31427, 1,251, CLR, Stangeland 8-7H, CMC, t2/18; cum 202K 6/19;
31426, 2,325, CLR, Hayes 7-6, CMC, t12/17; cum 216K 6/19;
31425, 1,181, CLR, Hayes 6-6H1, CMC, t9/18; cum 126K 6/19;
31177, 329, CLR, Jefferson 10-17H1, CMC, t12/15; cum 162K 6/19;
31176, dry, CLR, Jefferson 9-17H, no production data,
31175, 359, CLR, Jefferson 8-17H1, CMC, t12/15; cum 169K 6/19;

2014 (list is complete)
30240, 1,650, CLR, Bud 5-30H, CMC, t9/17; cum 173K 6/19;
30239, 1,629, CLR, Bud 4-30H, CMC, t9/17; cum 172K 6/19;
30238, 1,439, CLR, Alfsvaag 5-31H, CMC, t9/17; cum 279K 6/19;
30237, 1,782, CLR, Alfsvaag 4-31H1, CMC, t8/17; cum 100K 6/19;
29845, 2,155, CLR, Stangeland 5-7H, CMC, t12/17; cum 271K 6/19;
29844, 1,789, CLR, Stangeland 4-7H1, CMC, t11/17; cum 207K 6/19;
29843, 1,735, CLR, Hayes 5-6H, CMC, t12/17; cum 230K 6/19;
29842, 1,545, CLR, Hayes 4-6H, CMC, t9/18; cum 177K 6/19;
29841, 1,023, CLR, Maynor 3-35H, CMC, t5/15; cum 256K 6/19;
29840, 962, CLR, Maynor 2-35H1, CMC, t5/15; cum 221K 6/19;
29839, 1,033, CLR, Maynor 1-35H, CMC, t5/15; cum 255K 6/19;
29251, 557, Zavanna, Sigurd 5-8 7H, CMC, t8/17; cum 279K 6/19;
29250, 540, Zavanna, Sigurd 5-8 5TFH, CMC, t8/17; cum 202K 6/19;
29249, 350, Zavanna, Sigurd 5-8 3H, CMC, t8/17; cum 237K 6/19;
29248, 784, Zavanna, Sigurd 5-8 1TFH, CMC, t8/17; cum 199K 6/19;
29245, PNC, CLR, Maynor PNC,
29036, 1,246, CLR, Stangeland 2-7H, CMC, t3/15; cum 298K 6/19;
29035, 1,051, CLR, Stangeland 3-7H1, CMC, t3/15; cum 206K 6/19;
29034, 1.087, CLR, Hayes 2-6H, CMC, t5/15; cum 224K 6/19;
29033, 1,169, CLR, Hayes 3-6H1, CMC, t5/15; cum 175K 6/19;
28938, 871, CLR, Bud 2-30H, CMC, t1/15; cum 377K 6/19;
28937, 703, CLR, Bud 3-30H1, CMC, t1/15; cum 329K 6/19;
28936, 849, CLR, Alfsvaag 2-31H, CMC, t3/15; cum 373K 6/19;
28935, 852, CLR, Alfsvaag 3-31H1, CMC, t3/15; cum 205K 6/19;
28139, 793, CLR, Jefferson 7-17H, t9/14; cum 310K 6/19;
28138, 118, CLR, Jefferson 6-17H1, t9/14; cum 257K 6/19;
27630, 1,231, CLR, Brogger 6-4H1, t7/14; cum 246K 6/19;
27629, 1,134 CLR, Brogger 7-4H, CMC, t7/14; cum 317K 6/19;

2013 (list is complete)
26480, 900, CLR, Brogger 5-4H1, t7/14; cum 253K 6/19;
26479, 856, CLR, Brogger 4-4H, t7/14; cum 264K 6/19;
25914, 1,060, Zavanna, Bills 5-8 1H, t8/14; cum 342K 6/19;
25912, 1,162, Zavanna, Bills 5-8 3TFH, t8/14; cum 143K 6/19;
25906, 724, CLR, Jefferson 4-17H, CMC, t12/13; cum 287K 6/19;
25905, 1,073, CLR, Jefferson 3-17H1, CMC, t1/14; cum 140K 6/19;
25904, 951, CLR, Jefferson 5-17H, t1/14; cum 225K 6/19;
25566, 432, CLR, Brogger, 3-4H, t9/13; cum 68K 6/14; cum 187K 6/19;
25565, 439, CLR, Brogger 2-4H1, t8/13; cum 44K 6/14; cum 150K 6/19;

Issued in 2012 (after original post)
22225, 868, Oasis, A K Stangeland 5300 43-12T, Crazy Man Creek, 3,777 bbls in September, 2012, first month with production, t9/12; cum 239K 6/19;
22303, 1,952, Oasis, Thomas S 5300 41-12B, Crazy Man Creek, 6,303 bbls in September, 2012, first month with production, t10/12; cum 332K 6/19;
22304, 1,364, Oasis, Celia S 5300 41-12T, Crazy Man Creek, 8,939 bbls in September, 2012, first month with production, t10/12; cum 257K 6/19;
22347, 2,621, Oasis, Basey 5300 44-12T, Crazy Man Creek, 23,990 bbls in September, 2012, first month with production, t9/12; cum 249K 6/19;
22348, 2,661, Oasis, Kovars 5300 44-12B, Crazy Man Creek, 15,146 bbls in September, 2012, first month with production, t9/12; cum 261K 6/19;
22762, 599, CLR, Jefferson 2-17H, Crazy Man Creek, Bakken, 19,792 bbls run in full month of September, 2012; first produced in August, 2012; t8/12; cum 266K 6/19;
22986, 613, CLR, Alfsvaag 1-31H, Crazy Man Creek, Bakken, t10/12; cum 435K 6/19;
23017, 4,174, Oasis, Ashlin 5300 44-12B, Willow Creek, Bakken (sited inside Crazy Man Creek), t2/13; cum 321K 6/19;
23018, 2,559, Oasis, Andy 5300 44-12T, Willow Creek, Bakken (sited inside Crazy Man Creek), t2/13; cum 239K 6/19;

Issued prior to 2012, not otherwise noted below

19638, 2,563, Oasis, Davis 5300 42-12H, Crazy Man Creek, t9/12; cum 288K 6/19; 36 stages; 4.1 million lbs, sand and ceramics; huge decline in production in the fourth month of production; on natural gas line;
19639, 2,414, Oasis, Cook 5300 42-12H, Willow Creek, t9/11; cum 426K 6/19; nice jump 8/17;

19982, 1,197, Zavanna, Bruce 5-8 1H, Crazy Man Creek, Bakken; t1/12; cum 421K 6/19; nice jump, 1/18;
19984, 787, CLR, Brogger 104H, Crazy Man Creek, Bakken, t8/11; cum 306K 6/19;
20833, 461, CLR, Jefferson 1-17H, Crazy Man Creek, Bakken, t8/11; cum 312K 6/19;
20120, 385, XTO, Olson State 11X-16, Crazy Man Creek, Bakken, t12/11; cum 224K 6/19;

Original Post 
(Note: well data may be updated from original post)

Elsewhere they're talking about the Oasis wells in Crazy Man Creek (the link is broken; Teegue couldn't stand all the nonsense at the discussion group). There are no less than nine Oasis wells permitted, drilling, or drilled at the moment sited in section 12, T153-R100W, Crazy Man Creek, just a few miles west of the bull's eye of the Bakken.

Crazy Man Creek is a small, rectangular field, running north/south, comprising about 23 sections. 

These nine are all in straight line running west-east about 150 feet north of the south line of the section (data is updated above and might not be updated below)
  • 19638, running north, 2,563, Oasis, Davis 5300 42-12H, t9/12; cum 288K 6/19;
  • 19639, running south, 2,414, Oasis, Cook 5300 42-12H, Willow Creek, t9/11; cum 426K 6/19; cased hole, 4.3 million pounds (1.7 sand; 2.6 ceramics)
  • 22225, running north, 868, Oasis, A K Stangeland 5300 43-12T, Crazy Man Creek, t9/12; cum 239K 6/19;
  • 22303, running north, 1,952, Oasis, Thomas S 5300 41-12B, Crazy Man Creek, t10/12; cum 332K 6/19;
  • 22304, running north, 1,364, Oasis, Celia S 5300 41-12T, Crazy Man Creek, t1/13; cum 257
    K 6/19;
  • 23017, 4,174, Oasis,  Ashlin 5300 44-12B, Willow Creek, t6/13; cum 321K 6/19;
  • 23018, 2,559, Oasis, Andy 5300 44-12T, Crazy Man Creek, t5/13; cum 239K 6/19;
  • 22347, 2,621, Oasis, Basey 5300 44-12T, Crazy Man Creek, t1/13; cum 249K 6/19;
  • 22348, 2,661, Oasis, Kovars 5300 44-12B, Crazy Man Creek, t2/13; cum 261K 6/19;
A couple things to note.

Well files are available for:
  • 22303: middle Bakken well;
  • 22304: Three Forks well;
  • 19638: middle Bakken well;
  • 19639: middle Bakken well;
  • 22225: Three Forks well;
  • 22347: Three Forks well;
  • 22348: middle Bakken well;
The "B" designation in two of the wells (22348 and 22303): middle Bakken.
The "T" designation in two of the wells (22348 and 22304): Three Forks.
The lack of designation in some of the earlier wells (probably middle Bakken).
The "S" designation in two of the wells (22303 and 22304) -- on the same pad; probably family name.


A Note to the Granddaughters

I am about halfway through Siddhartha Mukherjee's The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, c. 2010. I happened to see it the softcover book at the Yellow Umbrella Bookstore in Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, last week. I didn't know whether to get it. I don't care to read books on medicine. It may be the one genre, along with murder mysteries and romance novels, that I don't care to read. 

But there was something about the book that attracted me to pick it up, to look at it more closely. I liked the feel, the font, and the fact that it had a golden sticker on the front, "Winner of the Pulitzer Prize."

Some years ago I read Daniel Yergin's The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power.  It is an outstanding book. The best part about it for me was that it brought me up to date with the history of oil companies, who begat whom, how they begat, and why they begat. Its subtitle, like Mukherjee's book, could have been: "a biography of oil." Like cancer, oil has become a personality, a living entity. 

And so with Mukherjee's book: it truly is a biography. I'm only halfway through, buy my hunch is that by the time I am finished I will know the life of "cancer" from birth through its teenage years. That is probably about how far "we" are in defeating this scourge -- up to the teenage years. 

On so many levels this story is absolutely fascinating. For me, the best parts are too personal to allow me to record at this time. I may do so eventually.

But a vignette is in order. I've always enjoyed classical history, for example, the war(s) between the Greeks and the Persians. 

It turns out the daughter of Cyrus, Atossa, was married to Darius, successive Achaemenid emperors of Persia. In the middle of her reign, Atossa developed breast cancer -- of course, it was not called that then, nor did anyone have any idea what it was, but it was unbearably painful. 
If Atossa had desired it, an entire retinue of physicians from Babylonia to Greece would have flocked to her bedside to treat her. Instesd, she descended into a fierce and impenetrable loneliness. She wrapped herself in sheets, in a self-imposed quarantine. Darius' doctors may have tried to treat her, but to no avail. Ultimately, a Greek slave named Democedes persuaded her to allow him to excise the tumor.
Mukherjee says "we" don't know how it all turned out, how long she lived after the "surgery," and what she died of, but at least it was a temporary success. She lived long enough to grant the slave Democedes anything he wanted. His request? To return to his homeland, Greece.
Darius had been planning a campaign against Scythia on the eastern border of his empire.... Atossa pleaded with her husband to turn his campaign westward -- to invade Greece.
That war and the series of Greco-Persian wars that followed were the result.

It's interesting. I've studied and read about the Greco-Persian wars in high school (or middle school); in college, and in Air War College (United States Air Force senior officer school in residence and in seminar) and not once did anyone suggest this very human explanation for the reason Darius turned to Greece at this particular moment in time. I never even thought to ask the question, "why?" After all, the Scythians (and any number of other non-Persians) shared a land border with Persia and would have been a more immediate concern. Greece was hardly a problem, it appears in retrospect, and certainly not something that jumps out at you if thinking about where Persia might invade "next."


  1. From just reading Oasis' April report, (and this is a guess as I'm not familiar with the ND landscape and naming vs. what oasis calls them) They are starting a major infill project attempting to see if there is any communication between wells. From their report they are doing this mainly in "Indian Hills".

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment. You have it exactly right and shed a lot of light on the discussion beginning at Teegue's Bakken Shale Discussion Group regarding these wells.

      Oasis' prospects are delineated here:

      The Indian Hill oil field is just a bit to the west of the Crazy Man oil field, both just south of Williston on the south side of the river. Both fields (and everything in between) would be part of Oasis' "Indian Hills" prospect I would assume.

      I've put these seven Oasis wells on my "Wells to Watch 2012" list.

    2. One of the seven wells (Cook) runs to the south under sections 13 and 24. On section 12 they are attempting to put 2 additional wells and already staked and started preparing the site but ran into problems with a surface coal vein. Expect to see a total of 4 Bakken and 4 Three forks wells in this spacing unit. They have also staked 2 more wells in section 13 and will be putting up a tank battery shortly (likely on section 13) to service all these wells.

    3. Very interesting. Starting to see the pattern develop that was seen in the recent NDIC hearing dockets -- 8 wells on a spacing unit in the "better" Bakken.

  2. Just curious where to find the September production numbers for the wells still on confidential (AK Stangeland, Basey, Kovars, etc). Just signed up for the basic subscription. Thanks.

    1. Wow, that's an interesting question. I just went to "Basic Services" and I don't see the production numbers.

      I see above that I provided "production numbers" for these wells for the month of September. I assume I got them from the Basic Services page at the NDIC site, but I don't understand why they are not there now.

      I honestly don't know. If it was just one well, I would say that I made a mistake, but there are several wells in which I have provide a production number for the month of September and now they are not there. Were they posted once, and then taken down? I honestly don't know.

      I will keep looking to see if I can find them, but it certainly seems strange. I am very confused. I had to have gotten that data somewhere.

    2. Aha, at least for Kovars, and probably for the rest, but I did confirm the number for Kovars.

      Go to the NDIC web site. At the sidebar on the left (at the NDIC website), click on the "General Statistics" about seven items down.


      Then, at the very top, click on "Monthly Production Report Publications."

      Depending on your browser it may open as a PDF or as a web page.

      Using search application at the PDF or the web page (however it is displayed), type in KOVARS and it will take you to the data you are looking for.

      I didn't look for anything other than KOVARS (just as a test).

      By the way, for newbies, this data is free, and does not required a subscription.