Tuesday, January 31, 2017

On The Brink -- January 31, 2017


Later, 9:59 p.m. Central Time: Mexico raises the price of gasoline (see below); Argentina raises electricity tariffs by up to 148%. Financial Times. Trump is going to run circles around the rest of the world, making America greater than it's ever been.

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To the list (Ukraine, Crimean, Baltic, Saudi Arabia, Mideast), add Mexico. In The San Diego Union Tribune today, "the reasons behind gasoline protest in Mexico." Some data points:
  • increases in gasoline prices are being accelerated in an ambitious effort to turn around the country's energy sector
  • the recent increase will be followed by another increase at the pump in February, 2017
  • half the population lives in poverty
  • Mexico has a new problem: Trump (Vicente Fox' response on US television certainly did not help the situation)
  • along with South African, Mexicans spend the largest portion of their incomes on gasoline (I assume that was before the recent increase in the price of gasoline); gasoline was already heavily subsidized; gasoline tax was the revenue that ran the country
  • like Venezuela: one of the world's top producers of crude oil, yet one-third to one-half of the country's gasoline is imported from the United States
  • Mexico's treasury has been used to subsidize gasoline -- not education, infrastructure, public services, or health care
  • regular gasoline went up 14%; will go up another 8% in February; in fact, in some areas along the border, some consumers felt the price had gone up 50%
  • gasoline tax: accounts for 50% of the price at the pump; tax was not decreased despite rise in price of gasoline
  • Mexico ranks dead last among OECD nations in collecting tax revenue (similar to problems Greece has)
  • daily minimum wage in Mexico: $3.60/day
  • Mexican congressmen voted themselves a Christmas bonus: $11,000/senator and $6,500/congressman
  • many government officials also receive $250/month in stipends for gasoline -- that's per month (how much do you spend on gasoline each month; something tells me government official are selling these vouchers on the "black market")
  • Nieto's approval numbers down to 12%
  • value of the peso is falling
  • US investment is likely to fall under Trump
  • but Nieto and Vicente Fox both say the US needs Mexico more than Mexico needs the US

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