Monday, February 6, 2017

The Market, T+17: Great Photo In The Bakken -- February 6, 2017

For me personally, this may be the best picture of the day, sent to me by a reader.

Yesterday, while at McDonald's in Williston, north on the Million Dollar Way, a reader took this photo for four trucks carrying pipe. As the reader said, any photograph of more pipe in the Williston Basin is a great site.

On top of this: these are Western Star trucks! My son-in-law builds Western Star trucks in Portland, Oregon.

Always on the lookout for Western Star trucks. Hoo-ahhh!

DAPL Decision By The End Of The Week?

From Bloomberg: the decision could come by the end of the week. 

The Big Stories: Egypt

I will have to add "Egypt" to "The Big Stories" under "Natural Gas and Coal in a Post-Nuclear World."

From Bloomberg, Egypt will import a lot of LNG this year, but hopes to be self-sufficiency by 2018.

The Market

WTI: $53.73

Hasbro surging. Our granddaughter Sophia loves the Hasbro "princess" and "Frozen" toys.

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