Monday, March 22, 2021

Completion Strategies, 2021, Bakken 4.0

Background: we entered "Bakken 4.0" in March, 2020. At that time it was my hunch that fracking / completion strategies would change, so I started following completion strategies in 2020 and comparing them to 2018

Going forward: I assume the completion strategies won't change a lot from 2020 to 2021, but one never knows. A lot of operators did not drill / frack in the Bakken in 2020, so maybe we will see some changes among those that start fracking again in 2021.

Group 1
very large fracks
>11 million gallons of water
>16 million lbs of proppant

37395, Wallentinson, MRO,

Group 1a
large fracks
large percentage water
but smaller amount of fresh water; larger amount of produced water


Group 1b
large fracks
large percentage of water
no report of using produced water; only fresh water



Group 2
moderate fracks



Group 3
small - medium fracks

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