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Simple Housekeeping -- Reposting Previously Posted Material -- November 4, 2015

This is simply some housekeeping. Nothing new here. This has all been posted before. The page where this came from was getting too long. These are wells that I was watching for some reason or other; once I saw what I wanted to see, I "closed" them out.

I no longer follow these wells.


Page 5

January 27, 2016Fidelity has been sold by MDU in five separate deals; they have not been formally announced. We need to watch operator changes for Fidelity wells. For example, these two Fidelity wells were chronologically next to each other (Limestone Resources bought the Fidelity assets in this area some time ago -- not part of the recent entire Fidelity sale. Turns out that Kaiser-Francis was the operator who got the lion's share of the Fidelity wells:
  • 24052, 738, Kraken/Kaiser-Francis/Fidelity, Wayne 3-4-33H, Sanish, 4 sections, 4/13; cum 277K 10/20; small jump in production 8/19;
  • 24511, 52, Lime Rock Resources/Fidelity, Irene 12-13H-24, Alger, t4/13; cum 167K 10/20; went off line 5/19; back on line and good production, as of 9/19;

December 5, 2015: was waiting to post fracking data -- posted -- can be moved to "Closed" status:
  • 25467, 1,821, Whiting, Privratsky 11-27PH, Zenith, Three Forks (Pronghorn), 40 stages, 3.04 million lbs, t3/14; cum 201K 10/20;
  • 25468, 1,920, Whiting, Privratsky 21-27PH, Three Forks (Pronghorn), 40 stages, 3 million lbs, t3/14; cum 244K 10/20;
  • 25469, 2,272, Whiting, Privratsky 41-27PH, Zenith, Three Forks (Pronghorn), 40 stages; 3 million lbs sand; t3/14; cum 243K 10/20;
November 16, 2015: 25924, 55, Hess, EN-Jeffrey A 155-94-2734H-5, Alkali Creek, 4 sections, t6/14; cum 184K 10/20; 34 stages; 3.5 million lbs sand. [Update, November 18, 2014: this well was fracked 2/14; still having problems. Zero bbls June/July, 2014; 25K in 27 days in August, 2014 -- was that a commingling error; but then only 9K bbls in 21 days in September; paperwork for commingling submitted. Update, June 13, 2015: looks like well is back on track]; off line as of 7/19;

November 3, 2015follow up on this re-frack? #20755. Not a re-frack; simply some work on the pad mostly likely. Nothing to see here. This item closed November 3, 2015. But it's still a good well; cum 393K 10/20;

June 17, 2015: I need to complete the January, 2015, dockets.

September 19, 2015:
  • Permitted for re-entry: 16439, 373, MRO, Hecker 21-5H, Murphy Creek, t9/07; cum 315K 10/20; last on-line 11/14; still off-line as of 6/15; back on ACTIVE status on/about 6/15; tracked here; back on line 4/18 and doing very, very well as of 9/19; continues to do well in 10/20;
September 27, 2014:
  • 19294, PNC, Whiting, BSMU 3605, a Madison well;
Note these very low IPs for EOG in the Parshall; these wells were noted in the July 28, 2014, daily activity report, but on November 18, 2014, when re-checked, they were both back on confidential, and no IP was provided at the NDIC site. I now track both these wells here:
  • #27441 - EOG RESOURCES, INC., PARSHALL 65-14H, NWNW 14-152N-90W, MOUNTRAIL CO., 446 BOPD, 2354 BWPD - BAKKEN
    #27442 - EOG RESOURCES, INC., PARSHALL 66-14H, NWNW 14-152N-90W, MOUNTRAIL CO., 394 BOPD, 2376 BWPD - BAKKEN
  • 27441, 446, EOG, Parshall 65-14H, Parshall, short lateral, t7/14; from the file report, after reaching TD, gas reached a max of 10,000 units as the well began to flow; 25 stages, 7.6 million lbs; cum 131K 10/10; off line 4/19; remains off line 9/19;
  • 27442, 394, EOG, Parshall 66-14H, Parshall, short lateral, t7/14; 19 stages, 5.8million lbs; cum 118K 3/20; intermittent since then; remains off line 10/20; went off line 1/19; back on line 9/19;
26335, PA/18, MRO, Powell 31-27TH, Wildcat, Tyler, t4/15; cum 638 bbls 4/15;  the second Tyler well "everyone" is waiting for, 24 stages; 800K lbs (minimal frack); t8/14; cum 434 bbls; apparently this well will be PNA in May, 2015; PNA as of 6/20/15;

A comment from a reader, received June 27, 2014:
I'm a non-op partner in 143-97 Leroy Petry Oxy well (#26370).  One of my buddies got his first check today and along with it was a letter saying OXY is selling part of its assets to Merit Energy.  Thought I would pass along.  When I get my paperwork I'll let you know; update July 3, 2015 -- still an OXY USA well; Lime Rock;
December 1, 2014, 4:44 p.m. CT: for some inexplicable reason, the number of active rigs in North Dakota jumped from 183 on Black Friday, November 28, 2014, to 189 on Monday, December 1, 2014 during some of the most miserable weather ever in the history of the Bakken boom during the late days of November. If the active rig rate holds or actually increases despite the slump in oil prices, one needs to ask the question, why? This could be an unintended consequence of the slump in oil prices, as operators start to circle the wagons and start to drill the better spots to "stay alive." If the marginal shale plays in the US see a decrease in rig counts, some operators to maintain their production or meet their contracts, may start to move their rigs to the better spots. The Bakken is known for a) consistency; b) reliability; c) adequate takeaway; d) improving infrastructure. So we'll see. I will not put this in a stand-alone post for several reasons. [Update, March 20, 2015 -- my irrational exuberance got ahead of me -- rigs plunged; now stand at 107. Update, June 13, 2015 -- my irrational exuberance got way ahead of me -- active rigs have plunged to lowest post-boom record, at 76]

April 9, 2015: need to get frack data on these two wells
  • 28075, 3,255, MRO, Anthony USA 23-14H, Moccasin Creek, 2.5 section-long horizontal; 100% within the middle Bakken; 93% within MOC geology defined target interval; gas max at 1,300 units; 3,840 acres drilling unit; 23,148 feet TD; 43 stages; 4.5 million lbs; t2/15; cum 503K 10/20;
  • 28076, 3,255, MRO, Hale USA 23-14TFH, Moccasin Creek, 2.5 section-long horizontal; Three Forks, 100% within the Three Forks Formation; 69% within the MOC geology defined target interval;  gas units very, very low; a 1 - 5' intermittent flare near the end of the lateral; 23,148 feet TD; 43 stages; 4.5 million lbs; t2/15; cum 271K 9/19; 296K 10/20;
October 16, 2014: nomenclature of this well? #29727 -- Eide 41-13HU. This well is on 4-acre spacing;
  • 29727, 2,319, Whiting, Eide 41-13HU, 4 sections, middle Bakken; 30 stages; 3.4 million lbs; seam 22 feet thick?; max gas at 4,697 units, a consistent 2 - 5 foot flare; t2/15; cum 242K 10/20; jump in production, 7/19;
October 12, 2014: 20342, 1,430, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-4B-9-1H, t11/11; cum 900K 10/18; cum 1.140061 million bbls 10/20; went IA 1/14; still inactive as of 6/14; back on line and tracked here; according to NDIC this well has never been re-fracked since the 2011 frack; that is confirmed by FracFocus; update here;

September 11, 2014: several Oasis wells with very short horizontals; in the process of being completed? I had not seen this before (or don't recall); I was incorrect: these are not very short laterals (see explanation at the link); standard long lateral (about 9,300 feet horizontally)

August 2, 2014: a three-section horizontal lateral
  • 25959, 732, CLR, Haffner 1-31H, Noonan, middle Bakken; 1920-acre; 50 stages; 7 million lbs, a true 3-section lateral (full sections 19/30/31 - 162-95); background gases "poor"; t3/14; cum 198K 1/20;
November 29, 2014: new designation for a Whiting well?  Yes, TFHU -- the "U" means "unit" -- 2560-acre unit.

November 29, 2014, a huge well;
  • 17314, 431, MRO, Brown 24-9H, Killdeer, a 10 - 30' flare for fifty minutes; this is a bit confusing for me, but I believe this well was spud/completed in 2008, but it was re-fracked in August, 2014, and that's why it shows up in today's report; the re-frack data was not yet scanned in; last full month production was in July, 2014; it will be interesting to see what new production numbers are and what the re-frack data is; t8/08; cum 426K 1/20; update here.
November 18, 2014: a huge CLR North Red River B well back on active status; looks like some type of workover in May/June, 2014, when there was no production; off-line from mid-April to mid-July, 2014; a huge producer back on line.
  • 16529, 100, CLR, Spry 11-13NH, Cedar Hills, a North Red River B well, t8/07; cum 655K 1/20;
The Lawrence well in North Tioga,  #17745, posted May 10, 2014. They are back on line as of August, 2014. 

Also, later: #18341.

Was this well that produced 30,000 bbls in the first month really canceled by EOG? This will end up being a non-story. See this post. My hunch is that the "30,000" was an error.

Why did they take this great well off-line in July, 2013? A great well to follow periodically.
  • 17310, Rosemary Eckelberg 41-26H, 459, 49,138 bbls in 15 months; t8/08; cum 173K 1/20; went back on line 1/14; significant increase in oil production; no explanation in well file;
Hit the one-million-bbl milestone:
  • 7571, PA/482, Hess, Reitsch NCT-2 4, Blue Buttes, a Silurian well, t4/81; cum 1.0062 million bbls 7/17;
#20879 has two laterals, drilled at separate times. They have different names: -1H and -2H but yet carry the same permit number, #20879.
  • 20879, 2,709, Bruin/HRC, Fort Berthold 147-94-1A-12-2H, McGregory Buttes, t1/14; cum 508K 1/20; see this note, 10/18;
The Carlson 1-11H well was taken off line 2/14; no explanation. Need to recheck in a few months. Posted 6/14. [Apparently back on-line, 5/14.]
  • 19169, 685, Bruin/HRC, Carlson 1-11H, Strandahl, northwest of Williston, t2/10; cum 85K 1/20; this was GEOI's first completed Bakken well at a cost of $5.6 million; remains a lousy well (3/19);
One to follow: 18362 -- the answer here:
  • 18362, 641, MRO, Uran 31-2H, Reunion Bay, t6/10; cum 343K 3/19; 15 stages, 2.6 million lbs; no explanation why it was taken off-line for four months in mid/late-2013, and then came back with much better production; interesting: after being offline for six months, had one bbl of crude oil over one day, 1/20;
Flaring. I doubt I will ever do a story on this, but if push comes to shove, I might. This well, along with 1,000's of others, would never have been drilled, and would now be shut down, if all flaring was banned in North Dakota: 
  • 10217, 80, Legacy Reserves, Spring Creek Federal 6, Mondak, a Madison well, t10/83; cum 164K 1/20 (very little being produced, 1/20); at $50/bbl, this represents $7.7 million in crude oil; at $5/MCF natural gas, that represents $500,000 in natural gas. It would have cost several million dollars to put in a natural gas pipeline, assuming that regulators would even have allowed a pipeline for one well this remote. Spud in 1983, this well is flaring almost no natural gas but a very, very tiny bit is being flared. I cannot explain why it can go years producing oil but flaring no natural gas, and then back to flaring small amounts. Whatever meager amounts are being produced, none is being sold. [Update: I believe the rules state that the wells have to be producing at least 200 bbls of crude oil to be affected by new flaring rules, or about 6,000 bbls per month. This well is producing only 350 bbls of crude oil per month so it is not affected by new flaring rules.]

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