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Why I Love To Blog -- July 26, 2017


July 29, 2017: also in Oil & Gas Journal

July 28, 2017: see comments. There are three OneOK plants in the same section as the Oasis gas plant. The OneOK plants currently process some over 300 million cubic feet of gas per day.
When the expanded Oasis unit is completed this one square mile area will be  processing 650 MMCF per day.

Later, 9:22 p.m. Central Time: I even had a poll asking where the next natural gas processing plant would be; one of the four answers I suggested include northeast McKenzie County. Wow. The more I blog, the more I forget.

Original Post 

One of the problems with focusing one on subject and blogging so much on that one subject, I start to take things for granted. I often post so fast I really don't think about the implications until later. And sometimes I forget completely about something I posted. That's why I love to blog. Readers have a way of pointing out things I miss, don't see, or forget.

This is a great example. A reader just asked if I had posted anything on the announcement that Oasis planned to expand the natural gas plant near Watford City. As noted, I did link the article and made it very clear that it would be the largest such plant in North Dakota, but then I sort of just let it hang there.

But the note from the reader really brought this announcement home to me. Anyone that knows Tioga, ND, or knows the history of the North Dakota oil industry, knows how big a deal the Hess presence in Tioga is.

For the longest time, the Hess natural gas plant had a capacity of 110 million cubic feet per day. Then in 2014, the Hess plant expanded to 250 million cfpd which made it the largest natural gas plant in North Dakota at that time (and still holds true).

Now imagine that size plant being duplicated near Watford City. This really is a huge deal and I think my first post on the Oasis expansion failed to make that impression. I certainly did not have a mental image of what the expanded natural gas plant would look like.

The expansion will ADD 265 million cfpd to the Wild Basin plant near Watford City. It already has capacity for 80 million cfpd. At 345 million cfpd, this will certainly be a large operation.

So, there you have it. Why I love to blog and how much I learn from my readers.

More On The Wild Basin Gas Processing Plant

From North American Shale Magazine, data points:
  • published March 30, 2016
  • pipeline approved
  • 75,000 bbls-per-day pipeline in McKenzie County
  • from: Wild Basin
  • to: Johnsons (sic) Corner
  • the new 10.75 inch oil mainline has one lateral pipeline and is approximately 19 miles long

Google map:

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