Thursday, September 5, 2013

And This I Why I Love To Blog -- Always A Surprise -- Oasis Acquires Over 160K Net Acres In The Williston Basin.


September 16, 2013: Oil & Gas 360 has an article on the Oasis deal over at SeekingAlpha:
Oasis founders Tommy Nusz and Taylor Reid both had promising careers at Burlington Resources, a company steeped in entrepreneurial moxy, an ethic they brought to fast-moving Oasis Petroleum.
Burlington Resources was acquired by ConocoPhillips in 2005 and once the golden handcuffs that chained talent to the combined company were unlocked, many Burlington executives left to chart new courses for their futures. Since starting Oasis Petroleum, Nusz and Reid have maintained a singular focus on the Williston Basin, making the company one of the few sizable pure plays for investors seeking exposure to the Bakken and Three Forks oil shale plays. In our view, the company's most recent acquisitions strengthen the Oasis brand and give the company the assets and visibility to continue to deliver on its brand promise: "Grow Oil Production and Reserves to Build Long-Term Per-Share Value."
With the three strokes of the pen, Oasis expanded its acreage position by 161,000 net acres and solidified its position as one of the larger operators in the Williston Basin with a total footprint of 492,000 net acres and 1,959 net operated drillable and economic locations.
September 10, 2013:  do you remember that poll asking how big the Zenergy deal would be if there was to be a Zenergy deal? Here was that original post/poll

September 10, 2013: Steve Zachritz on the deal $4,800 with the current production figured in.

Original Post
From the press release:
Oasis Petroleum Inc. today announced that the Company signed four separate and unrelated purchase and sale agreements to acquire certain assets in the Williston Basin totaling approximately 161,000 net acres for $1,515 million.  On a combined pro forma basis, Oasis will have approximately 492,000 net acres with recent production of approximately 43,000 barrels of oil equivalent ("Boe") per day, based on internal operational reports.
I'll do the math later.

Four separate and unrelated purchases, apparently.

The vast majority of the new acreage, 135,000 acres, I believe, has no depth limitations.

43,000 bopd at $50/day = $2 million/day (the 43K represents all, not just recent acquisition)

$1.5 billion / 161,000 acres = $9,000/acre.

This may be the best "quick" link for an overview of the deal.  That link is one of several links at this "overall" link.  The sale and purchase agreement (Oasis, Zenergy, et al) is located here.


Connecting some other dots:

In the video, Anne Kirkpatrick is the daughter of Slim Dusty and Joy McKean (one of two sisters on stage to Slim's right). Ann, of course, is the young woman to Slim's left.

Lights On The Hill, Slim Dusty

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