Thursday, April 26, 2018

Holy Mackeral! Amazon, Huge Beat -- No Wonder It's Called "Amazon" -- Trading At All-Time High -- April 26, 2018

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site.

Starbucks meets/exceeds and yet shares are down significantly -- giving back its entire recent gain. But look at Amazon! Delivers huge profit surprise. "We've never seen companies of this size grow at this rate." Shares up 4% at the market close, and after results released after hours, Amazon up almost 7%.
  • EPS of $3.27 versus ... are you sitting down? ... $1.27
  • revenues: $51 billion; vs expectations of $49.96
  • but look at that -- revenues beat expectations -- okay -- but look at EPS -- huge jump -- much greater than revenues would suggest -- this tells me that Bezos has "huge" control of costs
A snarky note: Expedia, among the "travel" sites, did very, very badly. Shares are up, but the story is quite bad. If there's one television ad that I dislike the most: Trivago.

Amazon HQ2

CNBC poll for Amazon HQ2 site:
  • Pittsburgh: 44%
  • Dallas: 42%
  • Denver: 4%
  • Toronto: 2% 
I can't argue with Pittsburgh -- a good choice. For fulfillment centers -- yes, Pittsburgh seems high on the list -- location, location, location. But for a headquarters -- need to be near a) the nation's movers and shakers (Washington, DC - northern Virginia area); and, b) the nation's bankers, Boston. So as much as I  would like to Amazon HQ2 in north Texas, my bet is somewhere along the northern I-95 corridor

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