Sunday, November 10, 2019

OMG! CLR Did It Again! The CLR Carus Wells -- Cedar Coulee -- Section 28-147-96

Initial production data for CLR Carus wells coming off the confidential list during the week of November 17, 2019, are posted here

For newbies:
  • these are huge wells; most will have a 50K+ month of production;
  • they are just one mile west of one of the most prolific fields in the Bakken
  • until now, the Cedar Coulee oil field has had little activity
  • all that talk about putting too many wells in one section seems not to be a problem in the Bakken
  • eleven wells sited in this section and it appears that is well less than half of what it will eventually have
Disclaimer: I am inappropriately exuberant about the Bakken. 

The graphic:

The wells in the graphic:
  • 21974, 379, CRL, Carus 2-28H1, t7/13; cum 308K 9/19; nice jump in production, 6/19;
  • 16648, 508, CRL, Carus 13-28H, t8/07; cum 411K 9/19; huge jump in production, 7/19;

Almost all of these Carus wells will have a 50K+ month of production:
  • 35550, 1,063, CLR, Carus 4-28H1, Cedar Coulee, t10/19; cum 5K after 7 days;
  • 35549, conf, Carus 5-28H, Cedar Coulee, producing; huge well;
  • 35548, conf, Carus 6-28H1, Cedar Coulee, producing; huge well;
  • 35547, 2,041, CLR, Carus 7-28H, 42 stages; 12.7 million lbs; Cedar Coulee, t8/19; cum 138K 9/19; see details here;

  • 35575, 1,397, Carus 8-28H1, Cedar Coulee, t8/19; cum 111K 19/19;
  • 35576, 2,018, Carus 9-28H, Cedar Coulee, t7/19; cum 137K 10/19;
  • 35577, 2,017, CLR, Carus 10-28H1, Cedar Coulee, t8/19; cum 113K 9/19; see this post;
  • 35578, 2,652, Carus 11-28H, Cedar Coulee, t7/19; cum 179K 10/19;
  • 35587, conf, Carus 12-28HSL1, Cedar Coulee, producing; huge well; see this post;
  • 16797, 108, CLR, Bang 1-33H, Cedar Coulee, t4/08; cum 157K 9/19;
  • 18636, 633, CLR, Bang 2-33T, Cedar Coulee, 5/10; cum 198K 9/19;
Example of Advantaged Oil

This should scare the heck out of Saudi Arabia. Think about it. And no one's talking about it. Very, very interesting.

The well:
  • 16648, 508, CRL, Carus 13-28H, t8/07; cum 411K 9/19; huge jump in production, 7/19; 
Recent production:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Compare with initial production back in 2008:

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