Friday, May 30, 2014

Thar She Is! A Million-Bbl Bakken Well In This Boom

I"ve been waiting a year to post this (on May 8, 2014, I posted that it must have passed the one-million-bbl milestone in early April): a Bakken well in the current Bakken boom just went over the one-million-bbl milestone:
  • 20210, 803, CLR, Whitman 2-34H, Oakdale, Bakken, s1/11; t9/11; F; cum 1.02 million bbls 3/14; 24 stages; 2.4 million lbs; middle Bakken; runs south; 4 section spacing;
Note that NDIC reports that this well is still flowing on its own, not on a pump, and there is nothing in the well file to indicate otherwise, unless it's "buried" and I missed it.

Back on August 24, 2013, I posted a production update. Not much has changed. It is still producing 24,000 bbls of oil/month.

Back on November 19, 2012, another post on this incredible field.

The well has been on-line for about 3.5 years. Bakken wells are predicted to produce for 39 years. 


  1. Lets use the early history in the bakken to put the tyler in perspective.

    1. Agree 100%. That was one of the reasons I wanted to post the early history, to remind us, the Bakken did not come easily. Thank you for taking time to write.