Friday, March 23, 2018

Varying Amounts Of Proppant Being Used Across The Bakken; Some Spectacular Wells Being Reported -- March 23, 2018

If there was not a typo (and I'm sure there was not) on the sundry from, note how little proppant Oasis used on this 50-stage well:
  • 32617, 1,157, Oasis, Oyloe 5199 14-26 12TX, North Tobacco Garden, 4 sections, 50 stages; 4 million lbs, mesh/large/medium, t10/17; cum 125K 1/18; a huge well; 100K+ in first four full months;
A reader noted the same thing in a comment earlier this week regarding the Johnsrud Federal wells and the Oyloe wells:
The Johnsrud has made 377,000 bbls after 20 months of production. It appears the Rolfson 11BX (#31486) in the next unit east is doing even better with 364,000 after 17 months; it should be well over 400k in it's 20th month. 
It is interesting to note, the Rolfsons had only a 4 million lbs of frack sand vs 20 million on the Johnsrud. Both wells had 50 stage fracs. Apparently natural fracking in the reservoir is playing an important factor in this part of the basin along with much improved fracking techniques.
For newbies: when we first started blogging about the Bakken, estimated ultimate returns (EURs) were often in the 350,000-bbl range. Operators are now routinely showing EUR type curves with 1.5 million bbls, and hitting the 350,000-bbl mark in two to three years. See a summary of a recent Oasis presentation at this post.

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