Monday, June 24, 2013

Koch Pipeline To Build 250,000 BOPD Dakota Express; Western North Dakota To Patoka, IL; Exploring Connection At Patoka To The Eastern Gulf Crude Access Pipeline


July 1, 2013: apparently this pipeline has been approved, but details are sketchy, specifically the western terminal in North Dakota.
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Oil & Gas Journal is reporting:
Koch Pipeline Co. LP is holding the first phase of an open season for its 250,000-b/d Dakota Express Pipeline to transport Bakken crude oil from western North Dakota to Hartford and Patoka, Ill. Koch also intends to explore a connection at Patoka to the Eastern Gulf Crude Access Pipeline, which would be capable of delivering Bakken crude to eastern US Gulf Coast refineries. Dakota Express Pipeline would enter service in 2016.
Another nail in the Keystone XL coffin. Yes, I know Bakken light, sweet oil, is completely different from Canadian sands heavy oil and the refineries are designed for Canadian crude, but a) the President does not know this; and, b) RBN Energy explains how refineries are adapting.


The City of New Orleans, Arlo Guthrie

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