Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Natural Gas Production Takes Front Seat In The Oil-Driven Bakken -- RBN Energy -- August 2, 2017

Jobs: ADP job growth
  • June data revised upward 33K to 191K
  • July data: 178K vs 180K forecast
  • considered very strong numbers in light of unemployment rate of 4.4%
  • employers having trouble finding employees; it's hard to see continued job growth at this level with full employment
The Unaffordable Care Act: some insurers seek premium increases of 30% and higher. Blame it on the GOP. WSJ
  • Idaho, West Virginia, South Carolina, Iowa, Wyoming: 30% or more
  • New Mexico, Tennessee, North Dakota, Hawaii: 20% or more
  • Texas: 24%
  • Illinois: 16%
  • Oklahoma: 8%
Boom: already defying Saudi Arabia by significantly increasing production, Iraq has now gone to debt market to raise $1 billion to rebuild its economy

Tesla: earnings to be released after-hours. Losses expected to be wider than forecast. Phil LeBeau fails to mention that his long-time Director, Battery Technology is no longer with the company, just as the company ramps up production of the Model 3; $1.82 / share loss forecast.

Mondelez: outgoing CEO on CNBC today; she had been there for "a decade" and apparently the company was doing very, very well; then the cyber attack in early June, 2017; I was unaware how severe Mondelez was hit by this cyber attack; the Financial Times has a great report.

Back to the Bakken

Active rigs:

Active Rigs603474194179

RBN Energy: natural gas production takes front seat in the oil-driven Bakken shale as rigs return. Archived.

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