Thursday, June 23, 2016

Great Britain Leaves The EU -- June 23, 2016

Britain votes to leave, 52% to 48%. Dow futures down 600 points. British PM Cameron will resign.

California Cap-and-Trade -- On The Verge Of Collapse?

The tea leaves tell me that when President Obama leaves office, it's pretty much the beginning of the end for the "global warming" scam:
  • President Obama recently telling Americans that rising seas would flood the Statue of Liberty was evidence of desperation on his part;
  • Hillary will talk the talk, but won't walk the walk; she won't have the energy to be the world's cheerleader on global warming;
  • California will close its last nuclear plants; the rest of the country will eventually follow -- natural gas will be the fuel of the future;  
  • California has cut the plug on its EV program;
  • Tesla could be the warning shot across the bow of "green energy" companies who have all their eggs in one basket; and, 
  • then this: LA Times -- California's cap-and-trade program in imminent danger of collapse.
The linchpin of California’s climate change agenda, a program known as cap and trade, has become mired in legal, financial and political troubles that threaten to derail the state’s plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
The program has been a symbol of the state’s leadership in the fight against global warming and a key source of funding, most notably for the high-speed rail project connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles.
But the legality of cap and trade is being challenged in court by a business group, and questions are growing about whether state law allows it to operate past 2020. With the end of the legislative session in August, Gov. Jerry Brown, lawmakers and interest groups of all stripes are laying the groundwork for what could become a battle royal over the future of California’s climate change programs.
Unless the state acts, “the whole system could fail,” said Senate leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles). “If that happens, we could lose an entire stream of revenue to make our communities more sustainable.”
And note: this is nothing about "global warming." This is about transfer of wealth -- spending other people's money to "provide an entire stream of revenue to ensure communities, who have overspent, survive.
Led Zeppelin
Posted on YouTube Well Before The Verdict

What little I know, I think the jury made the right decision.

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