Thursday, June 7, 2018

AAPL: An Open Book Test? -- June 7, 2018

AAPL: This looks like an answer to a question in an open book test. An Apple (AAPL) analyst suggests that AAPL shares at $193 are "flying high" after rising quickly from $173. If I find the link again, I might post it. Probably not. The analyst says that if iPhone sales slow, it's very possible AAPL shares could tumble back to $173.

So, could iPhone sales slow? Sure. I assume everyone saw this article yesterday: Apple is not encouraging folks to upgrade to new iPhones. Apple encourages folks to keep their "old" phones.

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US jobs (link here):
  • prior, revised from 221K to 223K
  • consensus: 220K to 225K
  • actual: 222K
  • delta: a decrease of 1K
  • comment: unremarkable; background noise
Cognitive dissonance: it was interesting to see all the pushback Trump got from the alt-left on this --

I find it incredible that President Obama did not commute the sentence of this woman; one-time cocaine results in a life sentence -- and apparently not much chance for parole -- she's been in prison for 22 years. What a waste. Where was President Obama?

I hope the video at this site stays up for awhile -- ABC News must be going nuts. CNBC, on the other hand, will still be talking about Trump tweeting the other day that he was looking forward to the jobs report. LOL. 

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