Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Term For Me: Drill Out Date Vs Spud Date -- December 26, 2915

This is a new term for me: "drill out date." I noted it with this well which will come off the confidential list this weekend and will be reported Monday when everyone gets back to work:
  • 29868, conf, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-13-22-16-12H, Truax, 
On the geologist's report, the well summary, at the file report, instead of the "Spud Date," the geologist uses the term "Drill Out Date." The drill out date for this well was March 17, 2015, and total depth was reached April 22, 2015.

The narrative states that they reached total for the vertical and the curve in six days and that the lateral was reached (total depth) 13 days from spud. It appears in general, they drill the vertical at two to three feet per minute, whereas drilling the lateral slows to about a foot every two minutes in reports I've seen elsewhere. In this particular well, they reported rates as high as 200 - 250 feet / hour. Trip gases reached as high as 6,926 units in the middle Bakken target, with a a quick 15' to 20'-flare reported on day 4. On the final day of drilling a 15' to 20' steady flare was reported. In this particular file report, the geologist provides a day-by-day summary, again raising the bar on narrative reports (a Neset geologist, by the way).

The well has been fracked; production runs are as follows:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Bakken 101

In addition to the change noted above, I am also noting more wells going from DRL status back to CONF status. In these cases, the wells have reached total depth but they have not been completed, or if they have been completed, that information is unavailable because the well is back on CONF sttus. If the well has been fracked, that information would be available at FracFocus.

It also appears that well on DRL status returning to CONF status is often very, very temporary and the well is moved to SI/NC status. I noticed this while updating the Spotted Horn oil field but I think I have seen it elsewhere. 

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