Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Bakken Is LIke A Box Of Chocolates -- One Never Knows What One Will Find -- July 19, 2017

For now, these two posts are two dots that are connected:
If I remember, I will post a graphic when the horizontals are placed on the NDIC map. 


  1. They should honeycomb a section, with about 100 wells well fracked. Then place either gas flood or water flood or pressure flood on he bottom wells and skim from the top my guess is this will get the most production use the gas from the wells to power this recovery.

    1. My hunch is that water flooding will not work in unconventional (tight and/or shale)formations. I think the sequence will be: fracking; mini-fracking about 5 years out; major re-frack ten years out.

      Fracking strategies (amount of proppant; number of stages; small/large proppant) will change/improve over time.