Saturday, November 5, 2016

CLR To Report Two Huge Bakken Wells; Still On Confidential List; Russian Frigate Reaches Syria; Pause In Ground War Ends; A/C Carrier Carrying Out Exercises Off East Coast Of Crete -- November 5, 2016

For more on these two wells, go to this post.

This well is still on confidential status, but has this production profile:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

It's neighbor has this production profile but is still on the confidential list:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Update On The Russian North Fleet Heading For Syria

If the Russian North Fleet is still being accompanied by the tug providing signal location, the fleet is still loitering off the east coast of Crete.

It is possible part of the fleet, including the tug, is on the east coast of Crete while the rest of the fleet heads to Syria.

On the other hand, it maybe positioning itself the coast of Crete -- similar to what the US does when it brings its a/c fleets in this "American sea." Meanwhile, at least one frigate from Russia's Black Sea Fleet has passed through the Bosphorus and has reached the coast of Syria.
The Admiral Grigorovich, part of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, arrived off the Syrian coast on Friday as the latest pause in the Russian bombardment of eastern Aleppo came to an end, adding to an emphatic Russian show of naval force in the Mediterranean. 
Unlike the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and Peter the Great nuclear-powered battle cruiser, whose arrival in the region has drawn considerable publicity, the newly commissioned Grigorovich has a fearsome ground attack capability in the form of Kalibr land-attack cruise missiles.
Three Russian submarines from Russia’s northern fleet capable of firing Kalibr missiles are also reported to have arrived in the Mediterranean
Ah, here it is, the explanation for the "pause" off the coast of Crete:
The Kuznetsov battle group paused in its approach towards Syria off the east coast of Crete on Thursday, to carry out aviation exercises. Russian ministry of defence footage showed warplanes taking off and landing on its deck.
The Kuznetsov is carrying about 10 Sukhoi-33 and four Mig-29 fighter aircraft, as well as up to two dozen helicopters. Although the Su-33’s have recently been adapted to drop bombs more accurately, the plane has never been used for ground attack. Only the Mig-29 is designed for that purpose.
But, then again, how many fighter/bomber aircraft does one need to take on one city? Four Mig-29's seem to be more than adequate. 

Five Maps Showing How Onslaught Has Shaped Aleppo

Link here at The [London] Guardian. By the way, this was the kind of reporting and the kind of mapping I grew to expect in The Atlantic. But like so many American publications, it has lost its way, and during the presidential campaign has become another mouthpiece for Hillary, and why I canceled my subscription. The British media continue to provide outstanding reports.

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