Monday, May 2, 2016

The Mercedes AA EV -- MuskMelon's Latest Nightmare -- May 2, 2016


May 3, 2016: the "Fiorina Flop"? Yup

Later, 9:42 p.m. Central Time: literally, less than ten minutes after posting the original post below regarding the new Mercedes AA+ EV, Tesla sent me the following link to their blog: More on this later, perhaps. To the best of my knowledge I have never, ever received an e-mail directly from Tesla. I have no idea how I got on their mailing list. But I have my suspicions.
Original Post
I was gone most of the day, so very little blogging. And then I spent more time with Sophia than usual, so my evening blogging was delayed. This evening, I rode my bike to the new Starbucks. For an evening ride, it's perfect. I can get here in 20 minutes. It looks like it may be less busy than most Starbucks in the evening, or folks just haven't discovered it yet.

As usual, so much to post, I can never keep up.

I don't even know what "oil" or "the market' did today. Last time I looked early this morning, oil was down 3% said to be due to various factors, but as much to do with profit taking as anything,  I suppose. I don't worry about it. It is what it is.

[I just looked: wow. The market was up almost 120 points, and I don't know what oil did during the day, but it's right at $44.79 and slightly "green." Of course, the stories originating from Berkshire Hathaway's shareholder meeting are more annoying than stories of Ted Cruz "taking" delegates without "the common folk" voting. Cruz is making the GOP nominating process look like something we would expect in a banana republic. 

I think the biggest story I was sent today was the Blue Cross' announcement that they will no longer take credit cards for health care premiums. Speaks volumes. Say what you want, ObamaCare is not working out well for any one. I still argue that the GOP needs to stay as far away from ObamaCare as possible. Let the party of Obama sort it out.

I guess the other story that I was sent was a video of the Mercedes new EV. Huge competition for MuskMelon. Folks have to remember that cars are cars and batteries are batteries. And once the luxury car business starts competing with MuskMelon, it's "game over, set, and match." The video is here, but it might take awhile to load. Unfortunately, the video is the only way to access news of this new Mercedes EV.

There really wasn't any other news that caught my eye.

The Political Page

It's very possible the establishment DEMS are getting very, very worried about grandma:
  • nobody, and we mean nobody, is showing up to vote
  • now, polls show that Trump can actually beat Grandma mano a femano 
  • Cruz is about to implode -- it's not just Indiana but his dad is going nuts (calling out to "the body of Christ") and after tonight Cruz' funding dries up
  • now it's the DEMS talking a "brokered convention"
  • once the Indiana results are in tomorrow night, it's all over for CarlyCruz regardless of what the latter says
When Peggy Noonan wrote a couple of weeks ago that this was a very, very strange presidential primary, she had no idea how accurate she would turn out to be.

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