Saturday, November 22, 2014

Everything But The Sage Grouse ... Oh, There It Is; The Times Even Threw In The Sage Grouse -- November 22, 2014

Steve sent me a link to a New York Times story that came up with everything but the sage grouse to find fault with the Bakken. When one sees this story, one probably gets the best feeling yet of really how big the Bakken it is. If The New York Times devotes this much to the Bakken, it has to be big. Bigger than the Texas oil fields? It certainly seems the Times thinks so. Anyway, whatever.

But I had to laugh. I told Steve the same thing: the Times came up with everything but the sage grouse to find fault with the Bakken. I did a word search.

It turns out I was wrong. LOL.

Yes, the Times was even able to get the sage grouse into the story, but they had to do it with a separate story. If you go to the linked article, scroll to the very bottom of the story, and there it is, in a separate story at the bottom right. It's possible this is a dynamic link and "attached" stories may change, but I doubt it.

If you do read the story, remember it was also the Times that had the story about natural gas that turned out to be a hoax or a scam, some years ago. Be that as it may, I'm linking it for the archives.

I assume this will help make the case for the EPA decision to write new rules and regulations on methane emissions. I think it's an old story, but for readers who are not aware of it, The Dickinson Press is reporting the story.

If everyone hangs together -- POTUS, EPA, Cuomo, Hillary, and Pocahontas -- we can soon go back to OPEC controlling all the oil cards and the price of oil. 

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