Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TPLM Update -- Mike Filloon

Link at SeekingAlpha:
Triangle had an excellent Q2, as it continued to do a good job of controlling costs.

In September of last year, I had reported what looked to be a turnaround for Triangle. By starting oil service and midstream companies it has developed synergies improving the bottom line. Because of this I made it one of my top 2013 stock picks. Triangle's top line number was $50.39 million, beating by $180,000. The bottom line was much better at $0.19/share versus the Street's $0.15/share. The growth numbers have been excellent.
 This almost seems like "old" news, but it is dated today.

Folks may want to take a look at all the wells TPLM has on DRL status; I don't think I recall so many wells to be on DRL status as a percentage of permits. And the wells that have some production data suggest these are going to be some good wells.

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