Sunday, April 21, 2019

EOG's 2919H / 1919H Austin Wells In The Parshall -- April 21, 2019

17614, see this post. Note: 805,000 bbls and this was a very short lateral drilled back in 2009. And production has recently jumped four-fold.

Wells coming off the confidential list this next week. Note the "chronologic" numbers for these wells.

Some EOG Austin wells in the Parshall:

The graphic (clicking on the image will enlarge it):

The wells:

17263, 3,124, Murex, Chandler James 25-36H, Sanish, t10/08; cum 1.138382 million bbls;

24077, PNC, EOG, Asutin 112-2919HC, Parshall,
24076 (alongside #24077), 1,049, EOG, Austin 31-2919H, Parshall, F, t9/14; cum 721K 2/19; nice jump in 12/18;

26516, loc, EOG, Austin 40-3204H,
26514, loc, EOG, Austin 41-3204H,

34343, loc, EOG, Austin 407-2919H,
34345, loc, EOG, Austin 404-2919H,

34550, conf, EOG, Austin 411-2919H, producing,
34551, conf, EOG, Austin 112-2919H,producing,
34552, conf, EOG, Austin 414-2919H, producing, and a very nice well;

17614, see this post;

32261, loc, EOG, Austin 97-3204H,
32262, loc, EOG, Austin 98-3204H,
32263, loc, EOG, Austin 99-3204H,

Parental advisory:

Ride, Lana Del Rey

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