Thursday, June 20, 2019

Notes From All Over -- Part 3 -- June 20, 2019

Permian: output set to keep growing -- Rigzone. Must be a slow news day. Data points:
  • EIA says Permian will post record next month (I assume that's July)
  • first time the EIA has project that the Permian will surpass the 4.2 million bopd mark
  • note: bopd
  • EIA's "drilling report" is linked here
Lime Rock: a familiar name in the Bakken, will buy Oklahoma assets from BP -- Rigzone. Data points:
  • Lime Rock: Houston-based
  • assets: BP properties in Cleveland and McClain counties
  • properties are 50 miles east of Lime Rock's Norge unit operations which it acquired in 2014
  • this transaction is Lime Rock's eighth acquisition in Oklahoma
  • apparently Lime Rock did not get the memo
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Phillips 66: considering a Texas terminal project; previously posted, but can't recall if I provided a link (yes, I did, but worth it to post it again). Link here. Another timely story, previously posted --
RBN Energy: the challenging economics for crude export terminals, part 2.

Crude oil exports out of the U.S. are the topic du jour these days. At the heart of the discussion are the who, what, where and when of how the export capacity will be developed. Who is going to build the next crude oil export terminal, what type will it be (offshore or onshore), where are they going to put it (Corpus Christi, Houston, Louisiana ­­— the list goes on), and when will that new capacity be available? Everyone seems to have a different answer, and for good reason. Crude oil export terminals aren’t easy to develop, any way you look at them. Today, we examine the financial and logistical hurdles that export terminals must clear in order to reach a final investment decision, and what those obstacles mean for what kind of terminal gets built, where it gets built, who builds it and how soon.

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