Monday, July 30, 2018

Bakken Casualties -- Motorcylcists -- July 30, 2018

Another motorcycle fatality in western North Dakota, this one near Killdeer. I think this is the fourth motorcycle casualty reported in the Bakken in the past month. Link at The Bismarck Tribune.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. 

So, how's the market doing today?
  • Dow: down about 46 points; other indices also in the red; NASDAQ down 1%
  • WTI: drops back below $70, but still up 1.86% for the day
  • CVX: up 1.31%
  • COP: up 1.26% -- I still highly recommend folks read the most recent COP earnings transcript to learn more about the Bakken;
  • OAS: up 1.85%, but off it's recent highs
    NOG: up an astounding 4.46%, now trading near $3.40
  • SRE: flat;
  • Chesapeake: surges after announcement to sell assets in the Utica;
  • AAPL: down about a percent; going into tomorrow when earnings reported after-hours;
    TSLA: well below $300 -- the threshold at which traders get back into this trading stock; now, below $290 and it continues to drop; now down about 3%; volume? way down; traders waiting? certainly reminiscent of share price action, March - April, 2018; one wonders if the June, 2017, peak was "too far, too fast"? trading range since then, but recent trend concerning for those with large positions in TSLA
Disclaimer: this is to an investment site. This is the same idle chatter I would have if I were at the "deli" in Williston, ND.

What else? How are the pipelines doing? Most of which I've lost interest in.
  • ENB: up a percent; paying just under 6%;
  • EPD: down a percent and a half; paying 6%;
  • ETP: up 1.3%; paying almost 12%;
  • TransCanada (TRP): flat, paying 4.8%;
  • KMI: down about 3/4th percent; paying 4.4%
  • WMB: up 1.6%; paying almost 5%; enters the DJ, exits the Four Corners Area;
  • BRK-B: up about half a percent
  • UNP: up about a quarter percent
  • CAT: up 1.3%
  • DE: down a quarter percent; well off it's 52-week high; a buying opportunity? a P/E of 25;
Stock picker's market.

Watch: CBS -- we've seen this movie so many times, it's an open-book test.

10-year bond: under 3% but just barely
TSLA bonds: just bounced off "threshold" of "88"

Speaking of Casualties: Netflix In Free Fall

A reader spotted this some weeks ago.

Disclaimer: cause and effect has not been proved.

Netflix announces that former-President Obama has signed with the network.

Netflix is now in free fall.

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