Friday, December 12, 2014

Week 50: December 7, 2014 -- December 13, 2014

Top story of the week
Bakken regains its position as largest tight oil play in the United States -- EIA

The Slump in Oil Prices
For the archives
Breaking down the Bakken on break-even costs
Breaking down the Bakken on break-even costs, also here
Shieks vs shale
Circling the wagons in North Dakota, Oasis
OPEC faces an insurgency, not a price war
TPLM CEO's thoughts on the slump in oil prices

First-person account of one person's experience in the Bakken
Link here

Director's Cut: no new production record
Halcon to build out CNG facilities
North Dakota preparing to export Bakken crude oil?
Random look at CLR's Whitman wells
Several operators report big wells
Fidelity E&P done
North Dakota on track to issue 3,000 oil and gas permits in calendar year 2014

Methane emissions from fracking are 97% lower than calendar year 2011

EPD cancels Bakken-to-Cushing pipeline

Bakken Economy
Propelled by the Bakken, US became a net exporter of petroleum products in 2011
Dakota Plains storage expansion underway and on schedule
Dual-fueled trucks coming to the Bakken
Kathy Neset to expand services at Tioga airport
North Dakota taxpayers' income has doubled over the duration of the boom (since 2006)
Proposed Grand Forks fertilizer plant receives water authorization
Low gasoline prices directly attributable to the Bakken

The billionth barrel of oil

For Investors
Ticker symbol KOG no longer exists
Fidelity E&P done
TPLM CEO's thoughts on the slump in oil prices
TPLM's conference call
EOG to divest majority of Canadian interests
Halcon in the Eagle Ford, a Zeits update

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