Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Must-Read First-Person Account Of One's Experience In Williston, The Bakken -- December 7, 2014

Folks send me a lot of "stuff" on the Bakken, and some days I get pretty worn out going through all the stories.

I think I've read just about every "faces of the Bakken" story and every "feel good" story and every "feel bad" story that's been printed in the past several years about the Bakken, or about North Dakota, or about Boomtown.

Tonight, I got what I thought was going to be another "ho-hum" first-person account of the Bakken.

The story was anything but "ho-hum."

This is really a must-read first-person account.

The "interview" said it all.

I hope this story is picked up by a major media outlet and circulated to a much larger audience.

Here's the link. Enjoy.

And a huge "thank you" to the reader who took the time to send this to me. Much, much appreciate.

[I have not yet read all the comments to the story yet.]

I've added "Rachel" to the list of "Featured Blogs" at the sidebar at the right.

[Note: with regard to "ho-hum," I was referring to the way stories take on a formulaic style of writing; I was not referring to the individuals themselves. Hopefully that makes sense.]

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