Friday, December 12, 2014

EPD Cancels Bakken-To-Cushing Pipeline -- December 12, 2014


Reuters is announcing:
Enterprise Products Partners on Friday shelved plans to build the first crude pipeline from North Dakota to the storage hub in Cushing, Oklahoma, likely hindered by competition from other shippers and lower oil prices.
In a two-sentence announcement, Enterprise said it wouldn't build the 1,200-mile (1,931 km), 340,000 barrels-per-day pipeline because too few shippers had signed up to support it.
For The Granddaughters

There was no swimming or soccer. Everyone went out shopping. Except me. A glorious evening of home alone.

First: watching The Great Gatsy for the "enteenth" time. I never tire of it. I see something new in it every time I watch it. Same with Midnight In Paris.

The book. It really is an incredible book. I've read it numerous times, and that, too, I always see something new in it.

I've talked about The Great Gatsby on numerous occasions. This is my favorite post, from earlier this year.

What's Up With This?

Maureen Dowd generally writes three to four columns for The New York Times. In the month of August, 2014, she wrote at least nine columns for TNYT. (I quit counting at nine). But her last column for The New York Times was dated November 1, 2014. During this period it was found that she shows her column to friends who she will feature in her columns before publishing. According to news reports, she has not responded to inquiries on the issue.

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