Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Market, Energy, And Political Page, T+9 -- August 23, 2018

NG fill rate, link here. I still think this is going to be the most interesting metric to follow this winter. If it's a cold winter, and if storage rates fall outside the historic minimum going into November, and if the US shale natural gas operators can meet natural gas demand this winter, it means tracking natural gas fill rate is almost meaningless:

Jobs, numbers come in 5K better than expected:
  • consensus: 215K
  • actual: 210K
  • change: 2K from previous week
  • CNBC analysis: yawn
Market opening:
  • Dow, irrelevant: down 39
  • Nasdaq: up 16 -- wow
  • S&P 500, the only that counts: flat
  • AAPL: up, 0.5%
  • SRE: up, 0.15%
  • UNP: down, 0.17%
  • EOG: down, 0.7%
  • OAS: down, 1%
  • NOG: down, 0.6%
  • BRK-B: flat
  • WTER: down 3%
  • BABA: up 4%
  • AABA: up 3.24%
  • ABBA: retired
Five undervalued energy stocks bound to make a comeback, link here:
  • DVN
  • COP
  • EOG
  • CHK
  • BP
Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. 

Making Texas great again. My new truck -- stopping at the bank to make a monthly payment. At $150/month it will take me 60 years to pay off the truck. But Sophia and I are going into the landscaping business and under the new Trump tax law, we will "write off" this truck as a capital expense this first year. I don't think we can mow $108,000 worth of lawns, but Sophia says we can do it. She will have to "give up" Tutor Time.

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