Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Best Energy Conference Of The Year -- Oil -- Enercom -- Presentations Available -- August 23, 2018

When I first started the blog, over ten years ago, I was blown away the first time I came across the presentations from the annual EnercCom conference -- I was amazed at all the information provided.

I'm still amazed.

If you run out of reading material for the weekend, go to this link:

Download the PDFs; they will disappear sometime in the next few weeks.

The video is also available for those who want additional information regarding the formal presentation.

The presentations where I will start:
  • NOG
  • US EIA
  • Enerplus
  • SM Energy
  • DNR
  • QEP
  • WPX
  • Whiting
  • EOG
If you read every one of the presentations, and, look at the aerial photos of western North Dakota taken by Vern Whitten, you will know everything worth knowing about the Bakken. Seriously.

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