Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For Investors Only: KOG Reports Tomorrow

Companies reporting earnings Thursday:
  • Baytex Energy (BTE.TO): 38 cents vs 8 cents one year earlier
  • Black Hills Corporation: 93 cents; after market close
  • CenterPoint Energy: 31 cents before market open; actual -- beats  by 11 cents;
  • COP: $1.56 before market open; actual "easily beat"; $1.71
  • Enterprise Products Partners: forecast 75 cents; beats by 2 cents;
  • XOM: $1.88 before market open; actual: "handily beat" -- $2.10
  • KOG: 18 cents after market close
  • Linn Energy LLC: 38 cents,
  • Marathon Petroleum Corp (MPC): $1.05 before market open; actual: misses by 39 cents; refinery maintenance
  • Targa Resources Partners (NGLS): forecast 49 cents; actual beats by 18 cents;
Comment: overall -- these seem to be incredible results, coming off a tough winter. 
Democratic-Controlled Senate Defeats Minimum Wage Bill; 
Senator Harry Reid Votes No

The vote was 54-42 in favor of allowing debate on the measure to proceed, six votes short of the 60 that Democrats needed to prevail. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., was the only Republican to cross party lines and vote "yes." Reid switched his vote to "no," which gives him the right to call another vote on the measure. No other Democrats opposed the bill.


For the archives:
The bonds were sold with yields ranging from 1.07 per cent for $1.5bn in three-year securities to 4.49 per cent for the $1bn 30-year tranche. The $2.5bn notes maturing in 10 years were sold at 3.46 per cent.
These bonds were heavily subscribed, according to the linked source: 1.07% to 4.49%. How incredible is that? One point oh seven percent for three year bonds. Apple is getting some really "cheap" money.


For the record: White House cover-up of a cover-up -- the Benghazi tragedy -- not reported in The New York Times. Not reported in four hours of prime time on CNN. Of the "big media outlets," only The Washington Post reported the story -- on page 17.

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