Monday, November 18, 2013

Six (6) New Permits -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA; MSNBC For The Archives

Active rigs: 183

Six (6) new permits --
  • Operators: Hess (5), Fidelity
  • Fields: Hawkeye (McKenzie), Alger (Mountrail)
  • Comments: The Hess permits were all "HA-Nelson" wells; four appear to 1280-acre spacing; one appears to be 2560-acre spacing; I believe three "HA-Nelson" permits were canceled last week; these appear to be replacing those that were canceled; there are now 9 wells/permits sited in 33-152-95, Hawkeye oil field
Wells coming off the confidential list were posted earlier today; see sidebar at the right.

For The Archives
Nothing About The Bakken

It appears MSNBC has become just another blog, and a foul-mouthed blog at that. I no longer watch TV -- more on that in a moment, but this from realclearpolitics and it's really clear that if this guy is not sacked, MSNBC has lost all touch with its audience. This was the opening from his apology:
Last Friday, on this broadcast, I made some comments which were deeply offensive and directed at Governor Sarah Palin. I wanted to take this opportunity to say sorry to Mrs. Palin and to also offer an unreserved apology to her friends and family, her supporters, our viewers, and anyone who may have heard what I said.

My words were wholly unacceptable. They were neither accurate, nor fair. They were unworthy of anyone who would claim to have an interest in politics, and they have brought shame upon my friends and colleagues at this network, none of whom were responsible for the things that I said. And at a place where we try every day to elevate political discourse and to focus on issues that matter to all of us. 
The link does not say what he said. Apparently this is what he said (it is at the link, but because the link might break, I will post the offending words): Sarah Palin should be defecated, pissed on.

If he actually said that during prime-time hours, I am shocked. Shocked.

Wow, that's incredible. That's the first time I had seen that. I am surprised he is not already sacked.

It's been my experience that folks usually mean what they say, and that what folks say is seldom far from how their mind works on a regular basis. In other words, I think this guy thinks like this, and he talks like this when he is not on camera.

Tom Brokaw was a long-time anchor at NBC. I don't know who the NBC Nightly News anchor is any more.

The "MS" in MSNBC is Microsoft, as in Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, et al. 

Oh, back to television. As noted above, I no longer watch television, with one exception. There used to be two exceptions, but I have even given up watching NASCAR. The one exception is The Big Bang Theory, often with adult innuendo and adult themes but it is what it is. I watch it because it's the one show my wife absolutely loves and we enjoy watching it together.

The interesting thing is I have no interest in watching television at all. We watched a re-run last night of TBBT and I found the three minutes of advertising between "scenes" very difficult. I think in some cases there were more than six 30-second ads between scenes. And to think that on top of that I'm paying TWC for basic television (i.e., ad-supported).

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