Monday, November 18, 2013

Folks Waiting For The Rocky Ridge-Fritz / Tyler Will Have To Wait A Bit Longer; Link Back To MRO Tyler Wells In Slope County

The first of four in this area:
  • 25347, drl, Williston Exploration, Rocky Ridge-Fritz 1, Rocky Ridge, Heath, t-- 
From an earlier post:
Williston Exploration is drilling a well in this same field, at the northwest end of the field:
  • 25347, conf-->rig on site-->conf, Williston Exploration, Rocky Ridge-Fritz 1,
That's all interesting, but if one is reading the tea leaves, this is the most interesting bit of trivia. Near this Rocky Ridge-Fritz 1 well, they are also drilling a SWD well which is also on the confidential list. The arrow in the image points to the SWD (on confidential list). It's my impression after following the Bakken boom for the past several years, they don't drill SWD wells just anywhere; this to me suggests they think they will be doing a lot of drilling in this area.

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