Monday, June 25, 2018

The Market, Energy, And Political Page, T+25 -- June 25, 2018

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We talked about this years ago, it seems. When you take into consideration all the factors, EVs are not "greener' than ICE.

Now, again, the issue is raised. Reporting in the [London] Daily Mail: Teslas may be no greener than petrol and diesel cars despite being marketed as the world's most environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • energy used to build Teslas and generate electricity for them is equal to petrol 
  • battery-powered cars such as Teslas are charged with power station energy 
  • luxury Tesla Model S battery powered cars cost £66,730 each 
Analysts found the amount of greenhouse gas used in building a Tesla and generating the electricity to charge it was no different to petrol cars.

Wow, we talked about this years ago. Comes up again. Glad the Brits are on top of things even if Americans are not.

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Green graph of the day, from JoanneNova:

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